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Updated: Oct 29, 2019

The Angels are multi-dimensional beings who have been with humankind since the dawn of time. The Archangels are extremely powerful companions who can work with us and who will guide us on our spiritual path. The Archangels can also be with many individuals at one time as there are no restrictions in time or space. Anyone can call upon the angels to help them with healings, personal spiritual progression and, at times, just for comfort and support. As a friend once said to me if we did not call upon the angels and archangels they would just stand around with nothing to do. They can only help us when we ask them and cannot intervene without our permission. There are times when the angels will intervene without our consent, but this only happens when our life may be in danger or we are faced with a situation where we feel we cannot cope on our own but ultimately have to call on them for their help.

Although there are many Archangels and it would take a very long time to list all their names and attributes so I will be focusing on the 5 main Archangels that I personally work on my own spiritual path and within the healings that I give to myself and others. If you would like to know more about the Archangels and how to focus in on their energies please check out the many books which have been written by some very good authors such as Doreen Virtue and Diana Cooper who I have found to be some of the best authors on this subject. The 5 archangels who are most commonly worked with and called upon are Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Uriel and Archangel Zadkiel. I have decided to list here some information about who the Archangels are, and also a little bit of information about them which I hope will aid you in your personal connection with their energies as well as your continued spiritual development.

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the angel mostly associated with courage, strength and protection. He is the angel who will stand by your side wielding his mighty sword and shield, ready to protect you from physical and spiritual harm and danger. Michael is associated with the words truth, courage, strength, success and faith. You can call on Michael’s mighty sword to protect you, to help you with cutting through the cords that bind you to people, places and situations. If you are afraid, lack courage or are in need of protection all you need to do is to imagine his protective cloak wrapping itself around you, helping you to speak and live your truth. You can also ask Michael to protect you by wrapping his beautiful and powerful wings around you. Feel the softness of the feathers on his wings encompassing your entire being. Archangel Michael is a mighty warrior who will give you initiative, willpower, drive and energy to follow your own path and to help you to complete tasks without too much effort. He will help you to develop the strength and focus needed to be successful in both your life and the lives of anyone for whom you are asking of Michaels help. There are also specific colours that are associated with and connected to Michael. Meditating and even wearing these colours will help to bring forward his mighty and powerful energies. These colours are dark peacock blue, light blue and turquoise.

Archangel Gabriel

Let Archangel Gabriel's shining light surround you with protection to guide you through your darkest moments, keeping your loved ones safe. Imagine the people and the things you want to protect then ask Archangel Gabriel to surround them with pure white light. You can then call on Gabriel to help keep them safe. The words that are associated and connected with Gabriel are protection, intuition, clarity and discipline. In order to follow your higher path and guidance with your higher self, Archangel Gabriel gives you the discipline and guidance to take the first steps on any new venture on your personal and spiritual path. Gabriel also helps with vision and clarity to follow that path through any trial or problematic situation which may occur. Sometimes the choices we make in life can be hard but Archangel Gabriel will be with you all the way. There are a few colours that are connected to Archangel Gabriel which you can meditate with and even wear to surround you with Gabriel’s energy. These colours are gold and white.

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael is a sage, a seer. He gives healing on both the physical level and an emotional level through the gift of LOVE. The words associated with Raphael are healing, communication, knowledge and vision. Raphael encourages you to communicate and share your inner wisdom to heal with the power of your thoughts, your words and your creativity. You should call on Archangel Raphael if you are going to be working in an environment where you wish to share and exchange knowledge and ideas to one another. There are many colours which are connected to Raphael which you can use during meditations as well as wearing items of clothing in this colour. These colours are any shade of green, especially the darker and more natural shades of this beautiful and calming colour. However the complimentary colour of green is pink and I sometimes use both colours when meditating with Raphael.

Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel is the angel of Fire and can help you to release your fears and anger, and to let go of past energies which have been preventing you from moving forward on your spiritual and life path. There are many words associated with Uriel but the most commonly used are peace, wisdom, light, understanding and change. Ask for the wisdom and light of Uriel to help you to let go of the past, to help in bringing inner peace to your life, or the life of another for whom you are asking for help. Uriel will also help with bringing transformation and harmony into your life. If you are experiencing major changes within your life which often occur when you activate your light body, call on Uriel to make the transitions as smooth as possible. If you need to let go of situations and energies in order to move forward imagine the wings of Uriel burning and releasing you from the past into the present and the future which is just waiting for you. There are many colours which are connected to Uriel which you can use during meditations as well as wearing items of clothing in this colour. The colours traditionally associated with Uriel are purple and gold but I have been guided to use orange and red to represent the flames of fire.

Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel is a celestial being within the angelic realms who is with us to help us in accepting the blessings of forgiveness, compassion & mercy. By accepting these qualities within your life will greatly aid you in the awakening and aligning of your Light Body. Archangel Zadkiel specializes in helping us to discover the divine aspect within us all. He also assists us in the ability to see beyond our earth based awareness so that we may open our spiritual eyes to the realms of spirit and the angelic realms. Zadkiel will help us to remember our TRUE SPIRITUAL RELATIONSHIP with those we desire to Forgive. Helping us to remember that our true relationship transcends this earthly experience and will allow you to gain a greater appreciation for the spiritual journey that you are about to take. If invited into your life archangel Zadkiel will facilitate the healing and transcendence of unhealed energies generated from painful experiences so that you can realize forgiveness. Upon your request to Zadkiel he will assist in the releasing, healing and transcending of negative thought patterns and negative beliefs that we developed within the illusion of self defense against painful experiences and against unbalanced relationships. Forgiveness is a very honored and sacred journey within your earth life experience and Zadkiel will assist you to realize personal freedom through the awareness of forgiveness, discovering newfound confidence, empowerment and inner peace. Through realising forgiveness for ourselves as well as others, we will also have the opportunity to rediscover that life is a joyous journey. Archangel Zadkiel has a very kind and gentle energy which is also very powerful. His energy is supreme compassion and naturally aligns us with the ability to see and experience the divinity within everything. Zadkiel’s energetic color is often seen as a magnificent dark blue and is aligned with infinite peace. Archangel Zadkiel, like all those within the Angelic Realm, will come with unconditional love, providing guidance and assistance toward our highest good and always honoring our Free Will.

How to connect with the Angels

You can communicate with your archangels quite easily but the reason most people don't hear them is because they have too much noise going on inside of them. Our minds are constantly on the go which at times can prevent a clear channel from being made. The messages the archangels also deliver are very subtle so if you are not listening and attuned to them properly, you will miss their messages. To hear the angels all you need to do is to quieten your mind. Over a period of time which can range from weeks to months or even years you will learn to hear the angels calling to you or speaking to you whatever mindset you are in or however busy your mind may be. One way to get quiet is to remove your consciousness from your mind and to connect to your feelings. The reason I mention that it is better to connect with yourself rather than to do the original and more used meditative process is because many people including myself find it hard to meditate or find that they just don’t have the time to spend hours performing elaborate rituals or deep meditative sessions.

I will now go into a little more detail in how you can reach a meditative state rather than using the traditional methods. Please make sure that if you prefer to meditate then please adapt the following techniques to suit your needs. I think the simplest method is to take a walk in nature. Immersing yourself with the natural and powerful energies of Mother Nature and the elemental kingdom will bring a very deep sense of grounding and centeredness. Immersing yourself in a salt bath, spending time with your friends, pets or reading verses from your favorite spiritual text, listening to music or doing anything that makes you feel relaxed and disconnects you from the normal everyday rambles that we all have within our minds. At the end of the day what you are trying to do is to shift your consciousness from having your mind go from thought to thought to practicing mindfulness.

So what is mindfulness?

Mindfulness simply means bringing your attention to whatever you are doing at the present time. One very simple way in which Mindfulness is attained is through the practice of breath awareness. Allow yourself to take a few deep breaths in and out while placing your whole attention on your breathing. Notice your breath every time you breathe in and out. How does it feel, what sensations does breathing bring to you. Allow the answers to come into your mind but do not evaluate them. Just allow them to drift in then drift out of your consciousness.

Another very easy technique that I have personally found to be very beneficial is to imagine yourself viewing your physical body from a bird’s eye point of view. This means seeing yourself from outside of your body. Now while this takes time to achieve it is possible and does come with a lot of practice. One of the more interesting ways to teach mindfulness is to completely listen to someone else as they are speaking to you. Have you ever found that you have drifted off into a day dream sort of state when listening to another person talking? While some will say that this is due to boredom I disagree and have been told by my Guide that this is when the conscious mind shuts off from the subconscious to take over.

Lastly another simple yet highly effective method is to bring my awareness back into the present moment. Get yourself into a comfortable position and take a few comfortable deep breaths. Now focus your attention on the top centre of your head (Crown Chakra). As you focus your attention onto the top of your head, now check in with your physical body to see how you feel. You should now be ready to call upon the Angels. The Angels can be in more than one place at a time so when you call upon them please never worry that they won’t be able to assist you or that you will be taking them away from something or someone else who also need their help. Even if it is just to have a chat with them or to ask them for assistance in finding something that has been lost. The Angels will always be more than happy to help out.

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