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Old School Attunements & Attunement Focus

When I first started to work with energy and receive distant attunements over 21 years ago, the selection of attunements was very limited. I would hazard a guess that there were not more than 15-20 attunements available but over the years this has grown to where there are now thousands of energy systems that you can choose to work with. While this is a very positive thing, I have found that a lot of the older attunements have disappeared to the vaults of many spiritual teachers' websites or have fallen our of fashion which is a shame so I have decided to bring some of these older attunements back to the forefront of the academy through this new "Old School" webpage. Some of these attunements were channelled over 20 years ago but they are still relevant today and hold incredible power so why not treat yourself by tapping into these unique energy signatures to add an extra dimension of healing to your spiritual practices. 

Old School Attunement Focus

I have been asked on many occasions to recommend an Old School attunement. One that I have worked with for many years and have found to be beneficial to my spiritual practice of self-healing and healing others. Today, I can confirm that you can now discover the attunements that I will focus on during my in-person and distant training sessions. The first 2 systems that I want to focus on are Bear Reiki and Tiger Reiki. These attunements were channelled by Stephanie Brail and have been created to advance inner strength, self-confidence and personal power. 

To learn more about these attunements, please click on the links below:

* Tiger Reiki {Increase Inner Strength, Confidence & Personal Power}

* Bear Reiki {Inner Strength, Personal Power, Intuition & Sacred Grounding}

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