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The Academy is Here To Help

Many of you will know that the world is experiencing a "Cost of Living Crisis" with many countries now experiencing a recession that could last until late 2023 - early 2024. This morning during my meditation time, I asked Rakesh and the Angels if I was doing all that I could at this time to help students continue their spiritual studies as well as advance their healing gifts. The answer I received back was that I could do more to help. I took this message as it was given and have decided to once again activate the 50% discount code which will remain LIVE for the remainder of the year. On January 1st 2023, I will take a look to see where things stand with the "Cost of Living Situation" so I can make the adjustments if they are needed.

For now, I hope and pray that the gifts I am giving will help you to continue your studies while also helping you to improve your life at this difficult time. 

Offer #1 - 50% Discount - Quote 50-2022 at checkout for the discount to be applied to your order - {Minimum purchase of £15 required}

Over #2 - 1 Free Gift - You will receive 1 free attunement {to a total of my discretion} with every purchase. Information about how to claim this offer will be given after your purchase has been made. 

Terms & Conditions​​


1} All previous offers have ended and have been replaced with the new Summer Special. 

2} You will also receive 1 free attunement with every purchase. Your free attunement will also be given to a total of my discretion. {This is not a buy 1 get 1 free offer}

3} Free gift attunements must be chosen within 7 days of your purchase. 


4} Discount codes must be activated during checkout. If you forget to activate a discount code, you cannot request for it to be applied to your order after payment has been sent and your purchase has been made. 


5} The Academy of LivingReiki Therapies holds the right to add, remove or update any offer without prior notice being given.​


The following attunements are excluded from all offers and discounts 


* New Additions & Pre Orders


* Attunements by Amanda Hadley 

* Angel LightCode Healing Reiki / Spirit Release Healing Method 1-3, Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki & Diamond LightCode Ascension Reiki

To view the full range of distant attunements, please CLICK HERE

Excluded Items Information - Please Read 


My website provider does not offer the option for me to exclude individual items so I am relying on all students to please only purchase available items with the 25% discount code. If an excluded item is purchased using the special offer code, you will receive an invoice from PayPal for the additional payment to be sent before the attunement is given. If an excluded item is purchased using the discount codes, the free gift attunement will not be offered. 

Prize Draw

Attunement purchases made between the 7th of May - 31st of August will enter your name into the LivingReiki Academy Summer Prize Draw. This year there will be 5 prizes with the 1st prize giving the winner one of the largest gifts that I have ever offered through the Prize Draws. The winner of the first prize will be offered the LivingReiki Academy Attunement Package. This package will attune you to all attunements that I have channelled. The attunements you receive will be the items listed on the Academy website at the time of your win. 

Summer Prize Draw Prizes 

1st Prize - Your choice of Attunements up to the value of £100

2nd Prize - Your choice of Attunements up to the value of £75 

3rd Prize - Your choice of Attunements up to the value of £50 

4th Prize - Your choice of Attunements up to the value of £35 

5th Prize - Your choice of Attunements up to the value of £15 

Terms and Conditions 

1} Winners will be notified by 7pm {BST} on the 1st of September by email as well as having their name appear on this webpage

2} If your winning choices exceed your prize total, you will be sent an invoice through PayPal for the additional payment to be made

3} The Academy holds the right to add, remove or alter any special offer, listing or discount without prior knowledge being given. 


The following attunements are not available as winning prizes with the Summer Prize Draw


* Attunement Packages 

* New Additions and Pre Orders

* Attunements by Amanda Hadley