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I have changed the special offers that are available this month so please continue to read to learn more.


From the 15th of April, I am offering everyone 1 free distant attunement with every purchase. You can continue to purchase your attunement using the 25% discount code below then I will email you with the information about how to claim your gift. 


Discount Codes

 25% Discount {Code: April25}

Terms & Conditions

Simply enter the above code at checkout to take advantage of the 25% discount

There are no codes to receive your free gift. I will email you after your purchase has been made with the info you will need to claim your gift. 

Your free attunement is not given as a buy 1 get 1 free offer, your gift will be given to a total of my discretion! 

Additional discount codes and reward coins cannot be used in combination with these offers.

The following attunements are excluded from all offers and discounts {Free and Purchased}. 

New Additions

Attunement Focus

Pick-n-Mix Packages

Attunements by Amanda Hadley 

If an excluded attunement is purchased using either of these codes, you will receive a PayPal invoice to pay the additional costs before the attunement is added to your file and you can book the attunement. 


All Sales are Final - Refunds are not offered because you will receive a link to download your manual after your payment has been made. Refunds re also not offered if you refuse to pay the additional costs 


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