Lightarian Training

Advanced Training to help you connect with your True Self, The Archangels, Seraphim & The Ascended Masters for Accelerated Ascension and Spiritual Enlightenment!

Important Information Please Read!


At this present time, we can only accept payment via Paypal for Lightarian Training!​ This is due to the Lightarian e-Manuals needing to be purchased via Paypal. Manual orders will also take between 7-10 working days to receive. 

I have been a Lightarian teacher for nearly 15 years years during which time I have always held the philosophy that Energy Healing should be affordable for everyone and this includes the Attunements which were created by the Lightarian Institute. If a student wants to take the attunements directly from the Lightarian Institute then I will always guide them to do this but if are on a budget and simply cannot afford the Lightarian Institute's prices or the prices that some other teachers offer these systems for then the Academy is the place for you. At the Academy, I am known for my level of Spiritual Support and will always ensure that you receive email replies within a few hours which is something you will not find available through many other online teaching schools. You will also receive immediate access to your Distant Attunements through the Appointed Time or Cosmic Bank methods which again is something that not many online teaching schools will offer when they teach the Lightarian systems. 

What is Lightarian?


The Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation was founded in Sedona, Arizona USA in 1997 as an educational organization to provide simple, yet effective and powerful attunement connections from the Angelic Realms and Ascended Masters. The Celestial inspired, channeled attunements are designed to support the spiritual transformation that is taking place on Earth at this time. Steadily over time, these energetic attunements with the Masters and Angels will provide you with the most extraordinary enhancement and acceleration of your personal healing and spiritual development. You must be strong and certain of your choice to take these attunements for they will bring forward some very deep clearings of which you must be able to deal with when the time comes for the releasement of the old vibrations that you have been holding onto for such a long time. Within the band of energy attunements that were created by the Lightarian Institute you will gain a stronger and deeper connection with the Ascended Masters Buddha, El Morya and Sananda as well as accepting the mighty energies of the blessed archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel and Seraph Rose Aura to come into your life so they can work within your etheric background bringing about changes in your spiritual and personal life.

The following information will give you the recommended gaps that must be left between each of the Lightarian Attunements


Lightarian Angellinks - 0 Days between Attunements 

(No Prerequisites) 


Lightarian Angellink (Extension Program) - 7 Days between Attunements 

(Prerequisites: Lightarian Angellinks) 

Lightarian Ascension Bands - 21 Days between Attunements

(No Prerequisites)


Lightarian Clearing Program - 7 Days between Attunements

(No Prerequisites)


Lightarian Gateway Program - 7 Days between Attunements 

(Prerequisites: Angellinks, Purification Rings and Lightarian Reiki or Ascension Bands)


Lightarian Purification Rings - 7 Days between Attunements 

(No Prerequisites)


Lightarian Reiki - 30 Days between Attunements 

(Prerequisite: Reiki Master and Karuna Ki Master) 


Lightarian Rays - 7 Days between Attunements

(No Prerequisites)

Lightarian AngelLinks 

Lightarian AngelLinks Extension

Lightarian Ascension Bands 

Lightarian Clearing Program 

Lightarian Purification Rings 

Lightarian Rays

Lightarian Reiki

Lightarian Gateway Program 

Lightarian Accelerated Package