Lightarian Ray Program 

The Lightarian Rays modality is an intense energy system that consists of a series of six spiritual guided meditations based distant attunements that have been designed to help you to advance your spiritual awareness and personal growth to a new level of understanding. The energies within the Rays will specifically work in the areas of self-empowerment, spiritual clearing, mind, body, spirit healing, ascension activation, and manifestation.


Lightarian Empowerment Ray

The energetic connections to the Lightarian Empowerment Ray will assists you in the acceleration of your spiritual development in a manner that’s most appropriate for you at this time on your spiritual path. The energies help to activate etheric energy patterns and chakra codings that have been dormant for a very long time. The energies will assist you in awakening a richer, fuller sense of self and to a clearer understanding of your purpose for being here.

Lightarian Clearing Ray

The Lightarian Clearing Ray has been designed to assist you in a powerful clearing, cleansing and releasing process which is coordinated with the assistance of your higher soul self. The energies work by clearing all adverse soul level programs, foetal energy patterns, mental & emotional stress, discomfort and disease within the physical body. The Clearing Ray will also help to release any form of attachment, addictive behaviours and automatic responses by lifting the veils that restrict your true view of yourself and your life.


Lightarian Healing Ray

The Lightarian Healing Ray connects you with an energy stream that helps you to focus your attention on creating healing affects within all levels of your being from your physical body and beyond. The etheric spiritual support that is received from this Ray will greatly aid your higher self in your healings at a pace that is best for you. 


Lightarian Activation Ray

The Lightarian Activation Ray is particularly powerful in that it will launch a full spiritual purification, reorganization and stepping-up of the vibrational frequencies of your chakras and all subtle bodies. The energies will assist you in the activation of all aspects of your true self which have been dormant within you. 


Lightarian Manifestation Ray

The main focus of the Lightarian Manifestation Ray will do exactly what it implies. It will assist you in the process of creating and manifesting all that serves your best and highest good. 

Lightarian Source Ray

The final energy connection within the Lightarian Ray program is that to the Lightarian Source Ray. The Source Ray is an energetic connection which will create a completion to your Lightarian Ray training. Through this spiritual connection you will gain a much greater alignment with the complete protective forces of the Universal Source.

With your purchase you will receive:


The Lightarian e-Manuals are purchased directly from the Lightarian Institute and this can take between 5-7 working days to complete. Please rest assured that I will keep you informed as to the progress of the manual order every step of the way and as soon as I have paid the invoice which is sent to me by the Institute and have received your e-Manuals these will be sent to you straight away. 


Your distant attunements will be sent to you at an appointed time and day that is convenient for the etheric connections to take place. 


Upon completion of your attunements you will receive an emailed certificate with genuine lineage and a hand signed signature. 


You will also receive full registration with the Lightarian Institute for every level of your Lightarian Attunements. Upon registration, you will be authorised to purchase your own printed or e-Manuals as well as offer the attunements to others. 

Lightarian Ray Program - £200.00