Do you want to experience a true sense of oneness with the human experience while bringing forth a greater amount of divine light that flows to you from sacred source, the angels, ascended masters and all beings of light? Do you want to support global human ascension/descension that is unfolding for us at this time in humanities spiritual evolution. If this message resonates and you wish to work with higher dimensional energies then Lightarian is for you. The holistic view of light helps us to understand all levels of our energetic and physical bodies while learning how to change and evolve our lives based on a commitment to build personal power and spiritual focus on this process. To help support this extraordinary process I have worked tirelessly to bring to you the energies that were channeled by the Lightarian Institute. Not only will you receive the highest level of energies that are available but you will receive full spiritual support, distant attunements and a guaranteed awakening of your spiritual body at an affordable fee.

The prices quoted on this page are for E-Manuals. These cannot be printed and must be read online. Printed manuals are available but these cost much more. If you would like printed manuals for your Lightarian Attunements please email me before purchase so I can get a manual quote from the Lightarian Institute. 

To view the full range of Lightarian attunements please check out the listing below and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me or you can use the LIVE chat option for a faster response. 

Lightarian Attunements must be purchased using PayPal