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Clearing & Environmental Exorcism

As an empath and sensitive, I can clear lingering energies when they are detected by conducting an "Energy Clearing" or "Property Exorcism". My keen perception enables me to tune into and assist any spirit, energy or force to leave your home or business. As a result, you will enjoy a greater sense of comfort, peace and emotional well-being through the relaxed environment. Should you plan to sell your home or move into a new house, this service is highly recommended as it will clear your energies from your existing home as well as remove the energies of someone else from the house you are going to purchase. 

Everything within the universe is made of energy. Whether this energy is positive or negative, it will have a significant effect on our overall health, our emotions and wellbeing. The universal law of attraction states that "Like Attracts Like" so when your home/office/environment is filled with negative vibrations, this will, in turn, attract situations, experiences and even entities that are of the same lower vibration to enter into your life, resulting in problems and issues for the occupants in terms of their health and life in general. 

I have trained for many years to develop my empathic and psychic gifts to a degree where I can remove negative energies from someone's home/office/environment via in-person or distant etheric clearing procedures. I can work to help remove spirits or other negative entities that are attached to people {eg. Spirit Possession} via a technique that I have developed called "The Spirit Release Healing Method". Negative energetic vibrations are common and I would say that over 90% of people will experience something in their lifetime which will need to be removed to bring healing and alignment to their home and personal being. We are bombarded daily by negative emotions via the TV, social media or simply watching the news. Without knowing, we are opening ourselves to the spiritual realms without knowing how to properly protect ourselves. Many will think that you can only open the door to the other side through dabbling in the occult or playing with an ouija board but little do most people know that we are surrounded by the spiritual realms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Lower astral entities are simply waiting for an opportunity to enter into our lives. 

Have you ever walked into a house or a building and felt that something wasn't quite right? Have things occurs in your home or work that seemed out of ordinary? These feelings and incidents are not merely figments of your imagination. They are a representation of residual energies that have been left behind by previous occupants or events that have occurred in that environment. Some buildings will be "haunted" by the presence of a spirit that has crossed over but is not aware of their departure from the earth plane. As previously mentioned, everything is energy, this includes our bodies, pets and consequently our homes. We can pick up on these subtle threads of energy which are both positive and negative. You may pick up on an uncomfortable feeling when you enter a home wherein a serious argument occurred or perhaps someone experienced intense sadness. This may have happened a long time ago or recently but the energy of the emotions still prevail nonetheless. Through my work as an Empath and Hyper Sensitive, I can attune to my natural gifts as well as those of the divine source and a spiritual tool called "The Energy Point of Light" to work with my guides whom I have been in contact with for many years and who is someone who helps me with my spiritual work. I am also a qualified Parapsychologist which I have found enables me to approach this line of work with an open mind which helps me to establish whether a possible haunting is a true haunting, spirit possession or attachment or if there is a natural explanation for what you are experiencing in your home/office or environment. This is something that separates me from many other so-called "spirit investigators" who only have 1 view and that is to tell you that your home is haunted. Many times, I will investigate a property and will find a natural explanation where previous investigators will have convinced the occupier that it was a spirit. When false information like this is presented by unscrupulous individuals, it can cause an increase in symptomatic events and mental/emotional distress but as soon as I show that these occurrences are natural and are nothing to fear, there is an immediate sense of relief which in turn creates more positive energy to be felt in the home/office/environment. 

As an empath and sensitive, I can clear lingering energies when they are detected by conducting an "Energy Clearing" or "Property Exorcism". My keen perception enables me to tune into and assist any spirit, energy or force to leave your home or business. As a result, you will enjoy a greater sense of comfort, peace and emotional wellbeing through the relaxed environment. Should you plan to sell your home or move into a new house, this service is highly recommended as it will clear your energies from your existing home as well as remove the energies of someone else from the house you are going to purchase. 

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The Celestial Hierarchy and 
Energy Point of Light

So what is an Earthbound Spirit, Ghost or a Lost Soul?


The Definition of a Ghost is a Soul that is caught in an incident, most likely their own death – waiting for someone to come along to help them. This is where House Clearing can help. 


At the time of death, not all spirits will move onto the next world and will stay with their physical body. The shock from their death causes some spirits to become confused as to what has occurred and will quite often rush off to get help then realising that no one can hear them or see them. It is only then that they realise that they have died but for reasons that are unclear they cannot accept that they have died and will quite often become trapped on the earth plane, reliving their existence without being able to communicate with the rest of mankind. These spirits will hover about and will move within space and time. They can be attracted by humans, animals or earth energy fields whereby becoming attached to that person, animal or place. Occasionally a few stuck souls are stuck because of souls that are attached to them and their need to be counselled in just the same way. It is from experience that releasing one soul doesn’t always mean that the energies will release the other. It is, for this reason, you must always scan your environment when performing a spirit release therapy to make sure that all souls have been crossed over and are not attached to your environment or energy field. 


When an earthbound spirit becomes trapped they will often feel extremely confused, lost and afraid.  Just for one moment, imagine how it must feel if you were lost somewhere that you didn’t know. It would be a scary experience. These souls are quite often looking for help and are sometimes drawn to living people. If they died in physical or emotional pain, these pains can appear within the person they join and with whom they resonate, feel comfortable with or who they think might be able to help them. They will reside within a person’s or animal’s energy field, in a house or place that they resonate with in some way. They most likely will cause unintentional problems for those they are linked with or attached to. When told that they are possibly hurting the person, the response is often distress because they didn’t understand they are causing problems. It can take a good deal of time and sensitivity to help these souls but it is through the calling of help from their spirit guides, the angels and their loved ones in spirit that can bring real comfort to the soul. Even if the death has taken place many years ago, their loved ones still seem able to manifest to help them with their transition.


How would you know if a location or home is haunted?


Strange Noises


One of the first things you might notice if a spirit is residing within a home or location is strange noises. Sure, you might try to explain them as something else such as a rodent, the house settling, pipework, but try to explain it away when you hear footsteps or banging on a door when no one is there. These are normally the first signs that a spirit is around you.

Doors Opening


Have you ever walked into a room or entered a location and found a drawer or cabinet open or a door opening at random. Even though you swore it was previously closed? Perhaps you have been in one room and heard a door opening in another, but no one was there to open it. These could be signs of an inhabiting spirit.


Lights Turning On and Off


The same thing may happen with lights or even other electronic devices. Maybe you turn on your television, run to get a snack, and come back to find it has turned itself off. Maybe you turned a light off in your kitchen and turned around to find that someone or something had turned it back on. Yes, it might be an electrical wiring problem, but it might also be a ghost.


Your Pets Act Strange


Our animal friends have a 6th sense so when it comes to detecting spirits or other supernatural phenomena, pets are always the first to know. For this reason, you might want to pay close attention to any pet within the vicinity. If they growl near-random places or close to another person even though it appears no one is there, there may be a spirit close by.


Feeling as if someone Is watching You


Have you ever entered a room and felt as though someone is watching you. You look around, but no one is there. This is one of the purest and most profound aspects of spirit release work. Your inner guidance, empathic abilities will always be the first aspect to detect if something is around you.


Feeling as if something Is touching You


Feeling like someone is watching you is one thing, but feeling like someone is touching you is something entirely different. Many people have reported feeling as if something brushed up against them, and others have even reported scratches or damage to the skin, all reportedly done by ghosts. This is one of the first things that I will sense when I am performing a spirit release healing on another person. On many occasions post healing, I will wake up with scratches covering my arms, legs and occasionally on my face. When this occurs, you are strongly guided to take the necessary precautions because you could be dealing with a lower based spirit or demonic force.

Strange Scents


Most people assume they will feel, see, or hear a ghost, but the truth is you might smell one, too. People have reported sudden strong scents wafting through rooms thought to be haunted. For example, you may smell your late grandmother’s perfume in your living room even though she passed away a decade before. This is another aspect of spirit release work that always envelopes me when I am performing a release healing. Most of the time I will smell sweet perfume or roses but on occasions and specifically when I am working to remove negative energy I will smell what I can only describe as rotting garbage or the smell of death.


You See One


All the signs in the world can add up to nothing, but if you see a spirit or ghost, you will know about it. Most people who claim to see a spirit or demonic force will report that they are very pale, transparent or are seen as a shadow. They might be able to walk through walls or float around the room. When a spirit or ghost is inhabiting the body of another person they will be harder to detect but due to them not being able to inhabit the body for too long a period of time you will catch a glimpse of their shadow, even if it is only for a few seconds.

How The Clearings Are Performed

I can hear you asking what all of this involves and what do I do when you purchase this service. I do not want to make things complicated because there is no need for it to be that way. For the clearing to take place we will connect via email to discuss the reason you have chosen me to perform this service for you. I will ask you several questions about your experiences and anything you want me to focus on. I will then request either a video of the haunting or any experiences you have had or you can simply send pictures of the room/rooms that you feel have a negative presence within them. I will then use my Empathic abilities to tune into the property/room/space etc. This will quite often involve astral travel and remote viewing so it can take me a day or two to get back to you with an initial report about what I have found. After the initial consultation and remote view, I will proceed to perform the first of 4 clearings. The first will be to connect with the energies/presences/entities that I detect in your home. Important Notice: After this initial connection with any presence/entity, you might find that things will get worse but do not let this worry you... Subsequent clearings will trap, bind and remove these entities from your home. Sometimes there might be a positive presence in your home who is simply wanting to let you know that they are there. If I pick up on a positive presence, these will be left because I feel that they act as guardians and protectors. By the time we have completed the clearings which will usually take 4 weeks {1 clearing every 7 days}, your home will be clear and any entities will have been removed and banished back to the astral realms from where they came. If however, I feel that more clearings are needed {this is rare}, we can discuss how many clearings will be needed and a reduced fee will be quoted. 

What If Nothing Is Detected?

If after the initial viewing of your home, I do not detect any energies, entities or presences, you will receive a full refund minus a £15 fee for my time to perform the scan and correspondence. 


If you would like to know more about the House Clearings and would like me to perform an etheric investigation please contact me at with details about your concerns and I will get back to you within 24-48 hours. 


I look forward to assisting you with your House Clearing. 

* Physical Psychic Scan and House Clearing - Physical Visit to your home - £55 plus £5 for every 5 miles outside of Rhoose/Barry, Vale of Glamorgan}. A non-refundable fee of £20 is required before I visit your home. On completion of the clearing, the remaining fee is to be paid in cash or via PayPal

* Distant Psychic Scan and House Clearing - £50

Please use the button below for discount house clearing. If you require me to visit you at your home, please email me directly at so we can discuss the situation. 

Distant Psychic Scan and House Clearing - £50

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