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Holy Spirit Healing Reiki

Experience the divine blessings of the Spirit through Holy Spirit Healing Reiki

Founder: Jay Burrell

Year of Channelling: 2024

Fixed Fee System: Yes

Nos. Attunements: 1

Symbols: Yes

Prerequisite: Reiki 1st Degree


While traditional Reiki is based on the belief in universal life force energy, or "Ki," the practice of Holy Spirit Healing Reiki acknowledges that the Holy Spirit is the central figure of the healing process. Practitioners of Holy Spirit Healing Reiki invoke the energies, power and guidance of the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Christian Trinity, to channel divine healing energy. Rather than relying solely on the impersonal "Ki" energy, Holy Spirit Healing Reiki practitioners ask the Holy Spirit to work through them as they become a conduit of the love and restorative power of God. You will see that the Holy Spirit is the true healer and you are simply a vessel for the Holy Spirit to work through. By surrendering to the Holy Spirit's direction, you will create an opening for the sacred energy of the divine to flow through you to bring about physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. 


The Holy Spirit is often called the Comforter, as he brings solace and peace to struggling people. In times of grief, pain, or distress, the Spirit's gentle presence can soothe the soul and provide a deep sense of comfort that surpasses traditional understanding. The Holy Spirit reminds us of God's unfailing love and the hope we have even in the darkest of circumstances. The Holy Spirit not only heals physical wounds but can also heal mental and emotional disorders/distress. He tenderly ministers to those who have experienced loss, trauma, or emotional wounds, offering an etheric balm of divine grace. Through this power, the Holy Spirit can mend shattered hearts, restore joy, and grant the strength to move forward in life. 


Holy Spirit Healing Reiki will bring you to a place in your life where you will learn how to tap into the gifts and blessings that the Holy Spirit wishes to bring to those who choose to invoke the energies for healing and personal development purposes. In Holy Spirit Healing Reiki, the five traditional Reiki principles take on a deeper, more spiritual meaning. Letting go of worry, anger, and other negative states allows the healer to be more receptive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Honouring one's spiritual teachers and leaders, earning an honest living, and cultivating gratitude all become acts of worship and surrender to the divine source of healing. Through this Christ-centered approach, Reiki is imbued with a profoundly sacred dimension.​

Degrees of Holy Spirit Healing Reiki

Holy Spirit Healing Reiki involves a spiritual practice that combines traditional Usui Reiki techniques with a deeper connection to the Holy Spirit. This form of healing is designed to enhance spiritual growth, emotional healing, and physical wellness through divine energy. The training for Holy Spirit Reiki is structured across various levels, each offering a deeper understanding and greater capabilities in this unique healing art.

1st Degree - The Awakening

In the first level of Holy Spirit Healing Reiki, you will begin your journey with an introduction to the basics of Reiki, including the history and principles of Holy Spirit Healing Reiki. This level focuses on self-healing and understanding the flow of divine energy through the body. At this level, you will receive your first distant attunement to open your energy channels to the Holy Spirit so you can channel energy more effectively.

2nd Degree - The Expansion

​The second level deepens your connection to the Holy Spirit and expands your ability to heal others. In this stage, you will learn distant healing techniques, allowing you to send healing energy across time and space. This level includes a second attunement which continues to intensify the healing energy and focus of your heart-felt intent.

3rd Degree - The Masters Path

The final Master-Teacher Degree is designed for those who wish to not only master the Holy Spirit Healing Reiki healing techniques but also teach and attune others. You will receive the Master-Teacher attunement, empowering you to pass on the attunements and teach according to the Holy Spirit Healing Reiki tradition. 

Contents of Holy Spirit Healing Reiki Manual 

Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 08.05.47.png
Image by Godwill Gira Mude

The Holy Spirit Healing Reiki manual is the ultimate guide to healing with the Holy Spirit. With over 150 pages of in-depth information on everything from the basics to advanced techniques. You will learn how to deliver powerful healings that will captivate you and leave you wanting more. 

You will learn bout the following and much more: 


  • The Principles and Beliefs of Holy Spirit Healing Reiki.

  • Gifts and Blessings of the Holy Spirit. 

  • The Role of the Holy Spirit in Imparting and Activating Spiritual Gifts.

  • Holy Spirit Healing Reiki: A Holistic Approach to Wellness.

  • Comparison of Traditional Reiki and Holy Spirit Healing Reiki.

  • Discovering Your Calling as a Holy Spirit Healing Reiki Practitioner.

  • The Connection Between Holy Spirit Healing Reiki and Christian Mysticism.

  • Benefits and Effects of Holy Spirit Healing Reiki.

  • Incorporating Holy Spirit Healing Reiki into a Daily Spiritual Practices.

  • Incorporating Marian Devotion for Holy Spirit Safeguarding.

  • The Importance of Discernment and Humility in Holy Spirit Healing Reiki.

  • Healing Oils and their Application 

  • Holy Spirit Healing Reiki - End-of-Life Healing Therapy.

  • Holy Spirit Healing Reiki and Animal Healing.

  • Holy Spirit Healing Reiki - Plants and Vegetation.

  • Holy Spirit Healing Reiki - Food and Drink.

  • The Holy Spirit Healing Reiki Sessions {In-Person & Distant Healing}.

  • Sending Holy Spirit Healing Reiki to Places, Situations, Events or Disasters plus Past, Present and Future Events. 

  • Holy Spirit and Angel Healing Boxes and much more! 

Holy Spirit Healing Reiki - £75 {Pre Order Special - £50}

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Holy Spirit Healing Reiki Dove of Peace Pin

I am pleased to announce that LivingReiki Academy is now offering blessed Holy Spirit Healing Reiki Dove Pins. 

Surround yourself with the blessings of the Holy Spirit wherever you are

Introducing the Holy Spirit Healing Reiki Dove of Peace Pin/Broach. This small pin {with a clutch back style fastener} is well made from white enamel. The pin/broach can be worn on lapels, hats, bags, dresses or as a tie pin. It's lightweight, easy to wear, and is nickel and lead-free.

The Holy Spirit Healing Reiki Dove of Peace Pin has been created to give you a permanent reminder of the Holy Spirit's blessings wherever you are. Each pin will be cleansed and blessed with the energies of the Holy Spirit before them being sent out to you. Through this blessing, the pin will work as a healing tool, permanently infusing your aura with the energies of the Holy Spirit. 

If you need the pin to be encoded with a specific intention prior to it being dispatched, please let me know at the time of purchase. 

Material: Brass Alloy & Enamel

Size: 1.5" W {3.8cm}

Weight: < 0.5 oz

Holy Spirit Healing Reiki Dove of Peace Pin/Broach - £10

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