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Mind, Body & Spirit Healing

The Mind, Body and Spirit Healing Service has been designed to incorporate several healing methods into one session. As a Crystal Healer, Sound Therapist and Colour Therapist, I know how powerful these therapies can be when I use them with clients through my Holistic Healing Therapy work.

Your Mind, Body & Spirit Healing Session

The act of healing always comes from a level of everyones highest potential— that all encompassing, infinite, unbounded level of one’s connection to their very existence. One does not have to travel anywhere to find that. It is already fully present with everyone. I use my intuition to ‘feel’ the presence of each person. Due to over 2 decades of meditation, my access to spirit is strong and unrestricted so my awareness acts as a bridge for everyone in the distance healing session. However, there is more. Once the bridge is formed, you don’t need me anymore. I am only a temporary bridge until each person can access the infinite resource of their own Divine Being independently. This is not to say that future healings are never needed, the healings that I give will help to build the bridge between your higher self and that of the divine mind. Using colour therapy is a powerful healing tool to use within a healing session due to the colours of the rainbow connecting with the colours of the chakras. I am also an advocate in bringing forth the knowledge that the chakras have a read vortex of energy as well as a front. This is called the Zero Point Energy Matrix. You can learn more about the Zero Point Energy Matrix Attunement by Clicking Here. As I work with the Zero Point energies, I will gain insight into the detection of any leaks, blocks or holes within the chakra system. If one is found, I will channel the energies of Divine White Light into the chakras until they have been cleared and balanced. I will then incorporate a colour ray healing session into the chakra to flood it with the universal ray of the corresponding colour energy until it is bought back into alignment. 

More about the Healing Sessions 

* I hold distant energy sessions on a weekly basis {Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays BST}. 

* I offer individual healing sessions or sets of 4 which are sent over a period of 4 weeks.

* Healing sessions begin a few days after I receive your request and have corresponded with you via email. 

* During your healing sessions, we neither talk on the phone nor do we Skype with one another. I present your concerns and the Divine Intelligence addresses them while I quietly witness the healing session. 

* I put attention onto your higher self and spiritual body and then conduct a healing process for you within the presence of the Divine Mind, Guides, Angels and Higher Self. 

* Each person receives attention and transformation from the Source of Creation as manifested through their own internal healing potential. 

* After your first healing has been given, I will pull a crystalline oracle card to see what the crystal kingdom wants to say to you at this time. At times, I will be guided to use a different oracle deck or even a tarot card. I will always follow the guidance that I am given by spirit and my guide when I perform healings on clients so please be open to the possibilities of the above protocol changing slightly when the healings are given.  

* Please list any specific concerns that you have when we correspond. These can be sent to me by emailing me at 

What to expect during a Healing Session

* One may feel the movement of subtle energies during and after your healing session. If you sit quietly, you will increase the chances of perceiving the subtleties of the process. You will most likely find a state of inner quietness to be very calming. 

* NOTE: If it is not convenient for you to sit or rest quietly during the healing session, this is ok. Being busy during a distant healing will not detract from its effectiveness. If it for this reason, that I created a new form of healing that I call "The Etheric Background Healing". This process enables you to go on with your daily life while I perform the healing within your Aura. This is very helpful if you have a busy or stressful job and need the healing to be given to help calm you and restore a feeling of being aligned with your higher self. 

* Your own Divine Intelligence orchestrates profound work at every level of the body. You may experience positive changes in your physiology, environment, relationships, chakras, DNA, past lives and more. 

* After your healing has been given, I will contact you with a report of the healing. I will share with you any feedback that I received as well as post healing information in order for you to continue the process of assimilating the energies that will still flow through you for several days after the main healing has been given. 


I look forward to working with you and if you have any questions about the healing sessions, please do not hesitate to email me and I will help as much as I can. 

Mind, Body, Spirit Healing - 1 Session - £25.00

Mind, Body, Spirit Healing - 4 Sessions - £80.00 {4 Healing Sessions sent over the course of 4 weeks