Mind, Body & Spirit Healing Session

Introducing the brand new Mind, Body & Spirit Distant Healing Service. 

The Mind, Body and Spirit Healing Service has been designed to incorporate several healing methods into one session. As a Crystal Healer, Sound Therapist and Colour Therapist, I know how powerful these therapies can be when I use them with clients through my Holistic Healing Therapy work. I now feel that it is time to start offering these healing sessions distantly so I can help to enhance your overall health and well-being. using colour therapy is a powerful healing tool to use within a healing session due to the colours of the rainbow connecting with the colours of the chakras. To do this, I will use a dowsing pendulum which is placed over the chakras to detect if they are balanced or out of sync. The same method can also be applied to distant healing where I use a chakra board with a full-length image of the client or a face picture if a full-length image isn't available. I will then use the dowsing board and chakra chart to check your chakra system from the root to the crown, including the soul star and transpersonal point. While most healers will only work on the front of the chakras, I like to perform a healing session on both the front and back of the chakras. If a defect or leak is found within your chakras, I will channel energies into the chakra until it is balanced. I will then incorporate a colour ray healing into the chakra to energise it until your full chakra system is back in alignment. 


Although some healers will perform elaborate rituals to connect with you and your Higher Self, I am an Empath and I really do not enjoy ritual work because it simply doesn't work for me. I prefer to tap into the sensory energies of your Aura and Chakra system using my Empathic abilities as well as activating my 3rd Eye, Pineal Gland and Zeal Chakra to bring forth any messages and.or imagery that I am given. 


Where does the Healing Session Take Place?


This is a remote/distant healing session, so all you need to do to receive the healing is to set aside 45-60 minutes where you will not be disturbed. You can either sit in Lotus Position with hands in Gassho or you can lay down in bed. The latter method is the one that the majority of clients prefer because it allows them to slide into a deep meditative state. at my end, I will connect with you and your Higher Self where I will guide you to the Crystal Temple of Atlantis. Within this Temple, you will be taken to a separate room where you will be asked to lay down on a Rainbow Crystal Bed. Above you will be a clear quartz pyramid where the light from the Celestial Sun will shine down onto your Heart Chakra, filling your body with pure universal energy. We will then be joined by the Rainbow Guides who will help with the healing by beaming pure divine love and light into your Heart and Higher Heart Chakras. The remaining healing session will unfold in its own unique way. No 2 clients will ever receive the same healing or the same guidance. Most important of all, I want you to feel relaxed and at peace during your healing session. 


With your healing session the following process will be used: 


I will initially connect with your Higher Self and my Spirit Guide {Rakesh} where I will gain the ability to connect with your Higher Self, Guides, and any Light Beings you have around you at the time the healing takes place. 


I will take advantage of using my Pendulum to dowse over a Chakra Chart to detect any imbalance within your Chakras. If any blockages are found within the Chakras I will correct the imbalance so they are brought back into alignment with your Higher Self. 


I will choose 3 Oracle Cards using my Crystal Oracle, Plant/Flower Oracle, and Animal Guide Oracle. (1 card from each Oracle Deck). These cards will present you with an in-depth diagnosis of your current needs as well as offering you a small ritual that you can perform at home after the healing has been given. 

I will pull 1 Colour Oracle Card for you which will show the main colour of your Aura at this time. You will be given an image of this colour to meditate on after your healing session as well as a simple intention statement that you can use to ask for the energies to flow through your Etheric Background to continue the healing work after the main healing has been given. 


I will send you a full report of your healing session via email in PDF format as a permanent record of your healing session.


If you have any questions about the healing session, please do not hesitate to email me and I will help as much as I can.

Mind, Body, Spirit Healing Session - £50.00 

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