Free Self Initiation & Monthly £7.50 Attunement


Over the years I have collected a vast array of Attunements that I find hard to set a price for them so I would like to offer these Attunements on a Donation basis. Please remember that you are not paying for the manual or the energy of the system. You are paying for my time to send the attunement to you along with issuing a certificate. The Self Initiation Attunements do not come with certificates. These are only given to students who purchase a Donation Attunement. 

Free Attunements for October 

Breath of HopeThe energies of this self-attunement help bring 􏰀ou into alignment with 􏰀our true self as a being of light and love, filled with renewed hope for the future.

Butterfly Energy - Butterflies are a s􏰀mbol of transformation and change. The􏰀 remind us that change is necessar􏰀 to grow and move forward and that resisting change is of no use, we need to relax and go with the flow, to trust that things will work out.

How to receive your Free Self Initiation Manuals


Simply click on the attunement that you would like to receive. This will automatically download the manual which you can save as a PDF document. When you have read through the manual, follow the steps given within the manuals to accept your Self Initiation Attunement. 


If you need help in accepting the attunement please Click Here to view my Blog Post about Attunement Acceptance. 


£7.50 Attunement for October

Feminine Power of Creation Reiki 


The Feminine Power of Creation Reiki system connects you to the energies of the Goddess, the divine feminine power, and pure positivity to bring healing to your inner and deeper aspects of your soul. So often, we deny our creative energy and our feminine nature and this can limit our personal power. No matter if you are a man or woman, the divine feminine resides in all of us so when we open our lives to accept this aspect of who we are you will welcome the power of creation to flow through your bringing opportunities, harmony and healing to all aspects of your life. 

Please Note that the £7.50 attunement is not part of any special offer and does not come with a certificate. Instead you can use my lineage which is Daelyn Wolf (Founder) - Jay Burrell - You