Free Attunements for July & August


Ascension Activation of the Mighty Archangels

Aura Sweep

Eclipse Energy Empowerment

How to receive your Free Self Initiation Manuals


Simply click on the attunement that you would like to receive. This will automatically download the manual which you can save as a PDF document. When you have read through the manual, follow the steps given within the manuals to accept your Self Initiation Attunement. 


£5 Attunements for July & August

Over the years I have collected a vast array of Attunements that I find it hard to set a price for them so I would like to offer these Attunements for a set price of £7.50. Please remember that you are not paying for the manual or the energy of the system. You are paying for my time to send the attunement to you along with issuing a certificate. Manuals will be sent via email within 24 hours after your payment has been received 


{Choose 1 Attunement for £5.00 or both for only {£7.50}

10 Bodies

Balancing and healing each of the 10 Bodies can improve health, well- being and happiness. The 10 Bodies comprise of the Emotions  Physical and spiritual energy centers which are brought into alignment with this distant attunement. The energies can also be used on the self or others. 


Gayatri Seichim

This new system of healing, called Gayatri Seichim, is built of the powers that have formed the universe and that trace out the Creation Process that creates all things in all places and in all times. It is through the invocation of these powerful tools of creation that a new solution is now available that has the power to heal the souls of millions of people and soothe the troubles of the world.

Gayatri Seichim

10 Bodies

Gayatri Seichim & 10 Bodies