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Why should I receive my Attunements from the Academy of LivingReiki Therapies

At the Academy, we always teach students that they should experience the energies of all teachers. No one teacher is ever better than the next. We all have our own unique way of teaching and my way is very different to most. While many other sites will send the manuals, attunements, certificates and lienages all at one time as soon as payment is sent. I prefer to build a connection with you. I will email you as soon as your attunement is purchased. This email will welcome you to the Academy and will give you all of the information you need in order for you to arrange for your attunement to be sent. Attunements are booked into my diary and then sent at the agreed day and time. When you have received your attunement, you are encouraged to email me to let me know the date you received the energies so I can then forward you your emailed certificate. As you can see, this method builds a strong connection between student and teacher and is the way in which I will always offer my services.

How does the Academy send Attunements?

All attunements are sent using 1 of 2 ways. 1} You can receive your attunement/attunements using the traditional method where they are booked at a specific time and day. This method requires you {the student} to be in a meditative state at the arranged time where the energies will be received. 2} You can receive your attunement/attunements using the call in {chi ball} method. This method is often used with students who live outside of the United Kingdom. The call in method will give you the ability to accept the energies at a time when you are free. There are no restrictions on the attunements and there are never any time limits placed onto them.

Does the Academy give Lineages after the Attunements have been sent?

The process of giving lineages is one that dates back to the orignal teachings of Reiki. The lineage is not the be all and end all of the attunement process but for many it is an aspect that they expect to receive. The lineages gives you the ability to trace the energetic line from the founder to you. At the Academy, I try to offer the shortest lineage as I can. This means that where possible, I will receive the attunement/attunements directly from the foudner so you will not have to deal with long lineages or possible fractures in the energetic line from the founder. All lineages are given along with your emailed certificate and will appear the bottom of the certificate.

Are Attunements Safe

Yes. Each and every attunement that I offer through the Academy has been tried and tested for many months or even years before they are advertised on my website. This is something that I pride myself in where I do not list items as soon as the attunements have been received. This is what seperates the Academy from many other attunement website. I am also very careful as to who I receive my attunements from where I can count the teachers that I trust on one hand. I am also careful about who's attunements I receive so if you do not find an item from a specific founder, this simply means that I do not feel comfortable with their energies or the way in which they work. This is a personal decision and one that I am always mindful of when I receive an attnuement.

Will the Attunements cause any Side Effects?

Yes and No. Some students will experience side effects/detox effects after they receive an attunement while others will not. We are all unique in how we process the attunements so what one person experiences will not be the same for everyone else. The one thing to remember is that every attunement will alter your auric field. This is something that happens for every person who is attuned. It is also why you will sometimes experience adverse side effects that range from cold/flu symptoms to an upset stomach. These will only last for 24-48 hours. If they last longer than 48 hours you are encouraged to email me at where I can send additional healing to help you with the process of assimilating the energies. This post attunement healing is always given for free so there will never be any charge.

What are the Academy Opening Hours

You might have access to some website who are open 24 hours, 7 days a week but at the Academy, I have a schedule and part time job on Fridays - Sunday so my working hours have to be kept as they are given below. The Academy is open on the following days: Monday - Thursday {8am - 5pm} Friday {Closed} Saturday - Sunday {Closed}

Will the Acdemy turn anyone away?

Although I do not like to turn someone away, under UK law, the Academy of LivingReiki Therapies has the right to refuse teaching to individuals if we feel that the services provided will be taken out of context or used to either cause physical harm to themselves or others. By this, it is stated that if an individual will use the services to try to cure or heal a chronic condition such as cancer and refuse all medical treatment then refusal to work with the individual is justified. The same law applies to the refusal of offering services to individuals if they are known to cause trouble or to abuse their legal status as a customer to receive paid services only to then file for a refund after services and/or documentation has been given to them. The Academy of LivingReiki Therapies holds these rights and we kindly ask that they be respected. Any harassment or defamation of character resulting in the refusal to offer services to someone can occasionally be escalated to criminal charges being made against the individual who is responsible for the harassment or defamation of character.

Is the Academy Accredited

At the Academy, we do not believe that being accredited by a company makes us any better than someone who is not accredited. Therefore you will never see links, badges or logos listed on the website. The need for recognition comes from the human ego which is something that I have freed myself from. The only company that I have been registered with to show that the teachings that I offer are genuine is the World Metaphysical Association. I have been a member of this accreditation provider for over a decade and am honoured that they allowed both myself and the Academy to join. * The World Metaphysical Association (W.M.A) -

Fixed Fee Attunements

You will notice that some attunements that I have available on my website are priced slightly higher than many of the other systems. When you see these attunements, these are usually priced at the higher fee due to the founders guidelines where the energies must be set at a certain price. This is done to stop the energies from being abused but to also ensure that each teacher who offers them will be offering them at the smae price. While I will always make sure I honour these guidelines, there are times when I need to consciously ask if the system is worth the price that is being asked. If a manual has a handful of pages {4-5} and the founder is asking for teachers to charge hundreds of dollars/euros/pounds I will more often than not refuse to advertise the energies on my website. There are however times when the energies are truly lifechanging and I feel that they need to be out there but I have to struggle with the very high fixed fee. While I honour the fixed fee's I will at times reduce the cost of the attunement to make it affordable for EVERYONE to work with. If this gets me into trouble then I will accept this. I do however hope that the founders will see what I am trying to do by offering the attunement for less will enable more people to work with it. I am not here to make money or to take advantage of my students by charging high prices. I charge what I would pay myself and I hope that you will benefit from this in the attunements that I offer.

How do I pay for my Attunement?

The Academy of LivingReiki Therapies accepts payments via PayPal as well as Credit or Debit Cards. You do not need a PayPal account to purchase your attunements, all you need is a valid credit or debit card then you can follow the onscreen instructions to check out as a guest. I am working hard to bring ApplePay to the Academy as soon as my website provider offers this service. The Academy does not see, store or hold your card details. These are encrypted by paypal and our credit card payment provider. Your personal information will not be shared with myself or any 3rd party.

When will I receive my Manuals?

All manuals are sent via automatic emails which you will receive once payment has cleared. Within this email, you will be given a link to download your manual. The manual for Angel LightCode Healing Reiki is sent via traditional email when your payment has cleared. You will also receive a "Thank You" email from me when you purchase any attunement from the Academy. Digital download of your manuals are valid for 30 days. Once the 30 days have passed the downloadable link will no longer be valid. If a re-send of the download link is required, you will be asked to pay a £5 fee per download link. All e-Manuals are in English but if you need a manual in another language please contact me at livingreikitherapies to ask if we have a document in your chosen language. If we do then this will be sent to you via email after your payment has been made.

Accepting my Attunements {call in method}

When I send your attunements using the Call In method, you must accept these at your convenience. If multiple attunements have been created at one time, you must call each one in with a gap of 2-3 days or longer between each one. Failure to do this will result in you being asked to call them in again with the recommended gap being left between each one. Only when they have been called in using this method will you receive your certificates and lineages.

Extra Information about Payments

The Academy accepts payments via Credit Cards and PayPal. I am working hard to bring ApplePay to the Academy when my website provider starts to offer this service to pay for your attunements. Payments made by Credit Card are processed by a company called STRIPE. These payments take up to 3 working days to arrive in my account. Refunds are not offers but if a duplicate item is purchased using a Card payment, you will be offered a refund by Paypal or an exchange of attunement to the same value as the original purchase Held Payments On occasions, PayPal will hold payments which are sent. This normally applies when payments come from countries such as Turkey, UAE, Iraq, Iran and other Middle Eastern Countries. While this might be frustration for you {the student} please know that it is out of my control and is part of Paypal's policy to ensure that payments are genuine. The payments that are held will quite often be cleared within 24-48 hours so please be patient during this time. When your payment clears, you will receive the manual link to download that manual for the attunement that has been purchased. Thank you

Does the Academy offer Refunds?

Due to the nature of online spiritual teaching which come with distant attunements and digital e-manuals that are given via automated download links after payment is sent, refunds are not offered!. The Consumer Rights Act of 2015 is the official legislation in the UK which dictates that a mandatory 14 day period in which the seller (The Academy of LivingReiki Therapies) must offer a refund to a customer (Student) if the downloadable link/e-manual or printed manuals {where given} are faulty and will not open or cannot be read must first be replaced with a new link or manual via email before a claim is submitted. Proof of a faulty e-manual and/or download link must be provided as well as a screenshot of the manual failure message which must be sent to me at to request a resent of your e-manual or download link. A replacement e-manual will be offered first if the content of your original document/documents is deemed "faulty". Digital goods must be "of satisfactory quality, "fit for purpose" and "as described," according to the Act's legalese.

How Do I Book My Attunement?

Attunement bookings are now taken online using my new booking system {Calendly}. A link for my booking program will be given to you upon completion of your purchase. Your booking must be made no more than 24 hours after receipt of your manual. Same day bookings are not offered at this time.