Etheric Sound Bath Healing

Crystal Singing Bowl Etheric Healing is a brand new technique that I have developed through many months of using my collection of Crystal Singing Bowls where I have given myself healing but have also discovered that these healing vibrations can be sent distantly to another person and/or situations to bring about a profound Healing and Re-balancing effect. 


Take a moment to imagine having your Etheric Body being completely surrounded and immersed with the Soothing, Nourishing, Healing and Empowering Vibrations of a Crystal Singing Bowls. In live events, this is called a "Sound Bath Healing" but through the application of the same principles this is referred to as "Etheric Sound Bath Healing". In the same way as sound can affect the body through vibrational waves when they are absorbed in real time, these same waves of sound can be sent through the Etheric Realms to anyone on the Planet at anytime. An Etheric Sound Bath Healing Session will work to bring Physical, Mental and Emotional Healing through the act of Intention but also through the playing of the relevant Crystal Singing Bowl. It is widely accepted that most illness occurs within the Physical Body due to Stress or a build up of Energetic Toxins, all of which through sound can be broken down to the molecular level in order for them to be removed from the Physical and Spiritual Body. Treatment Methodologies that promote Relaxation by helping to reduce the levels of Stress can be a very effective way of preventing and event treating illness. 


If you presently have a Physical Injury or Emotional Wound, you can make this your focus during your Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Session. You can also embrace your Healing Session as a Meditative Adventure of Inner Discovery where you can explore your Personal Energies, Chakras and Auric Field as they Vibrate with the Frequencies of the Crystal Singing Bowls. Simply allowing the Energies of the Singing Bowls to flow through your Etheric Background will bring a deep sense of Peace, Calmness and Inner Healing to Mind, Body and Spirit. This is also amplified due to the fact that each Crystal Singing Bowl is made from 99.9% Quartz Crystal meaning that it is an amazing tool to bring Physical and Emotional Healing which very few Alternative Healing Techniques can achieve other than Reiki and Angel Reiki. The Meditative sound of a Crystal Singing Bowl forms a rippling effect that not only resonates through Time and Space but also expands outwards into all known levels of Dimensional Consciousness. Using this method of healing alongside powerful Intentions, it is possible to create a direct line of communication with your Higher Self and Soul Self to bring about Healing on all levels of your being. 

Simply put. Etheric Sound Healing Baths is Music Therapy Mind, Body and Spirit! 


What are the benefits of an Etheric Sound Bath Healing Session? 


The effects of an Etheric Sound Bath Healing Session will vary from person to person but the overall effects that will most often be felt can include: 


Chakra Healing


Auric Alignment

Spiritual Healing for Emotional and Physical Ailments

Instantaneous Relaxation for the Soul

Energetic Balance 

The Realignment of your Cellular Structure

There are also 2 ways in which I can work with the Crystal Singing Bowl during your Etheric Healing Session. The first is to utilise the Masculine Vibrations of the Bowl which will help to unseat deeply held Energetic Patterns of Energy that are stuck within your Auric Field or Chakras. This is then replaced by the Feminine Vibrations of the Crystal Singing Bowls to fill in the gaps with Universal Love and Light. The Feminine Vibrations also help to Heal and Align the Chakras and Auric Field. 

The Etheric Sound Bath Healings can also be received by anyone. There are no age limits but I do ask that if you wish for me to send this form of healing to someone under the age of 18, then a written letter of consent must first be emailed to me. 

What happens during an Etheric Sound Bath Healing Session?


An Etheric Sound Bath Healing Session can be given in many ways but my preferred method is through the Etheric Background. Offering your Healing this way, enables you to go about your daily life without having to worry about taking time out to receive the Healing or worrying if you will be disturbed by a Telephone Ringing, Door being knocked or worrying about how long the Healing will take. All of these external worries can and usually do affect the level of healing that is received by your Spiritual Body. This however isn't to say that you cannot receive the healing by taking time out to Meditate or simply lay down in bed to receive the energies of the Etheric Sound Bath. I will always offer the Healing in a way which is most comfortable for you! The one aspect of this form of Healing is that I will need a picture of you. This can be a full body image or simply a Head Shot. This image along with your name being written on the back of the picture will be placed into the Singing Bowl before your Healing takes place. In doing this an Energetic Connection is established between you and the Crystal Singing Bowl plus the Quartz Crystal Vibrations that the bowl is made from. It also enables me to have a visual image of the person who I am sending the Healing Vibrations to. The relevant Crystal Singing Bowl is then struck using a small Rubber Mallet to begin the process of Vibrational Transference. As the Mallet is moved around the bowl in a Clockwise and then Anticlockwise motion, the Crystal Singing Bowl will begin to Sing. It is at this point that I set my intention for the Vibrational Frequencies to be transmitted to you. You must remember that Energy is timeless and does not apply to our limited notion of Time and Space, therefore, Energy and/or Sound can be sent to anyone at anytime wherever they are on Earth. The Vibrations of the Crystal Singing Bowls will also affect the layers of you Aura, bringing them into Alignment, clearing any Blockages and repairing any Holes that are present within your Energy Field. ​​​

Choosing the Chakra for your Healing Session


There are several Chakras that I can perform an Etheric Sound Bath Healing Session for and I will need for you to make a note of the Chakra that you wish for me to focus on at the time of your purchase. Each Healing Session can only focus on 1 Chakra at a time. If you wish for a complete Chakra Healing and Re-alignment please make sure you choose the Complete Etheric Sound Bath Healing Session.


If you require more than 1 Chakra to be treated but less than a full Chakra Alignment, you must purchase the correct number of Healing Sessions for your needs. 


Please check below to find out which one best suits your needs at this time. 

Base/Root Chakra - Stability, Grounding, Prosperity & Health 

The Root or Base Chakra governs your Stability, Grounding and Trust in the World. When out of balance, you may experience feelings of Fear, Anxiety, Disorganisation or feelings of Sluggishness. When the Root/Base Chakra is out of balance, some common Physical Ailments may include Bowel and Intestinal Issues, Depression and Immune Disorders. Opening and Balancing the Base/Root Chakra will allow you to enjoy more Vitality, Safety and Security as well as giving you the ability to deeply relax into your place in the world. 

Om Chakra - To Cleanse Negativity From Your Energy Body & Environment

The OM Chakra is also known as the Primordial Chakra of the Universe. Monks chant OM at the beginning of Meditation to connect with source and All of Creation. It is a powerful Mantra and Sound Vibration. The Om Chakra is considered the Eighth Chakra which resides below the feet as part of the Astral Body. Utalising the OM Chakra during a Healing Session creates a feeling of Universal Communion and Oneness with Source. It is also an excellent Chakra to clear for Clearing and Charging of all 7 Primary Chakras. Its high Vibration is also the perfect tool for Clearing Negative Energies from your Chakras and Auric Field. The Om Chakra has also been known to help remove Psychic Attacks, Entity Attachments and Spiritual Possession

Sacral Chakra - Improved Creativity & Passion 

The Sacral Chakra governs Creativity, Inspiration and Sexuality. When out of balance you may experience Emotional Dependency, Obsessive Attachment, Social Anxiety and Frustration. Common ailments associated with an unbalanced Sacral Chakra can include Reproductive Issues, Urinary Illness, Lack of Desire or becoming Over-sexualised  Creating balance in your Sacral Chakra brings forth a feeling of Creativity, Connection, Pleasure and Healthy Boundaries into your life. 

Solar Plexus Chakra - To Feel Empowered

The Solar Plexus Chakra governs your Strength, Spontaneity, Will and Sympathetic Nervous System. When out of balance, you may experience Aggressiveness, Dominance and a desire to be in Control. Alternately, you could feel Weak, have Poor Self Esteem with persistent feelings of being a Victim. Common Physical imbalances of the Solar Plexus can manifest as Digestive Disorders, ulcers, Intestinal Issues or Liver, Pancreas and Stomach Issues. Creating a Harmonious balance in your Solar Plexus Chakra can help you to enjoy more Tranquility, Inner Harmony, Self Acceptance and Confidence. 

Higher Heart Chakra - To Attract Spiritual & Physical Balance In Your Life 

Known as the Higher Heart or Thymus Chakra, this Chakra governs the Immune System and is where Intent Originates. When this Chakra is imbalanced, there can be a tendency to ignore the needs of others. If completely Blocked or Closed, Rejection of your Spiritual Qualities are the effect. Pessimism and Negativity can become your View of Life. The Higher Heart Chakra is the source for Meaning, Direction and Spiritual Longing in life. Creating Harmonious Energetic Balance in your Higher Heart Chakra opens you to enjoy life from Higher Consciousness with more Love and Joy. Selfless, Unconditional Love is also an attribute of a Healthy and Balanced Higher Heart Chakra. 

Heart Chakra - To Attract Love Into Your Life 

The Heart Chakra governs Stability, Trust and the Physical Heart. When out of balance, it is said that the Heart may be closed and you may experience Jealousy, Possessiveness, Depression, Loneliness and Poor Boundaries with others. Common Physical imbalances manifest as Heart, Lung and Circulation Disorders. Balancing your Heart Chakra allows you to experience Compassion, Love, Self Love and a strong Immune System. 

Throat Chakra - To Speak Your Truth 

The Throat Chakra governs Communication and Creativity. When out of Balance you may experience Defensiveness, Gossiping, Stuttering, Fear of Speaking and Shyness. Common Physical imbalances of this Chakra can manifest as a Sore Throat, Mouth Ulcers, Thyroid Issues and Headaches. Creating a Harmonious Balance in your Throat Chakra will allow you to Communicate Clearly, Speak your Truth and be more Expressive. 

Third Eye Chakra - To Unlock Your Psychic Abilities 

The Third Eye Chakra governs Psychic Perception, Imagination and Accurate Interpretation. When out of balance you may experience Delusions, Difficulty Concentrating, Headaches and Poor Memory. Common Physical imbalances of this Chakra can manifest as Eye and Ear Issues, Sinus Infections or Neurological Disturbances. Creating Harmony within the Third Eye Chakra nurtures your Intuitive Abilities, Improves Memory and Imagination. 

Pineal Chakra - Release Negative Karmic Patterns & Attract Divine Guidance

The Pineal Chakra governs the Memory of your Highest Intention and Purpose for this Lifetime. Your Life's Mission and Life's Purpose becomes  the focal point when this Chakra is activated. Often then, as this Chakra opens, you will feel a strong need to realign yourself and to finally start to do what you somehow know you are here to do. Working with the Pineal Chakra allows you to clear Karmic Patterns, freeing you to move beyond the perspective of this lifetime so you can ready yourself to align with the Higher Energy of the Universal Consciousness and your own Higher Spiritual Gifts. This Chakra is also known as the Halo Chakra or Seat of the Soul. It is the first of the Soul Chakras that function secondary to the Crown Chakra. It is the link between your Eternal Soul and your Incarnated Self. When this Chakra starts to open you will begin to understand that you are Eternal Souls within a Temporary Body. This makes the Pineal Chakra an ideal Chakra for Healing if you have any Fear of Death or if you simply wish to strengthen your connection with the Divine Consciousness. 

Crown Chakra - To Connect With Your Higher Self

The Crown chakra is your connection to Knowledge, Expanded Consciousness and Wisdom. When out of balance, you may experience a feeling of being Lost, Confused, Anxious and Apathetic to Life. Common Physical imbalanced manifest as Low Energy, Depression, Migraines, Sensitivity to Light and Chronic Exhaustion. Creating Harmony within this Chakra helps you to enjoy a more Spiritual Connection, Thoughtfulness and the ability to Assimilate Information more readily. 

Single Chakra Etheric Sound Bath

Distant Healing Session


Complete Etheric Sound Bath

Distant Healing Session