Donation Attunements

This page has been designed to give you the choice to receive an attunement on a donation basis. You choose how much you want to pay for your chi ball, certificate and lineage. After your donation has been sent, you will receive a confirmation email with your manual, chi ball, certificate and lineage within 24 hours. 

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The Divine Prayer Empowerment

I believe that prayer is important in our lives, perhaps the most important part of spiritual development. It has such powerful implications to our personal and spiritual lives. It is no use developing any ability unless you have also learned about yourself as a spirit being, a part of God. When you pray, you become the prayer. We understand that the divine is an inner power, not outside of who we are. It is no use expecting an outside power to come along to give you what you have requested. But if you recognise that and become your prayer through the sincerity and depth of your thoughts, then you have the answers that you are seeking.

Stone Reiki

Welcome to the world of stones! Not crystals or gemstones but the stones of our sacred mother earth. Stone Reiki is a system that has been designed to give you the ability to heal with the physical and etheric qualities of Stones. Stones from Sedona, Stonehenge, River Stones, Garden Stones, Sea Stones etc. This is a system that I have worked with for many years and it never surprises me when I am out walking along the beach, in a forest or even in my garden when a stone will catch my eye and I will begin to work with its energies. This is a magnificent method that induces healing on a more ancient level by bringing the energies into the 5th Dimensional Earth Chakra which creates a new level of Spiritual Awareness by working with the Kingdom of the Stones, thus the beginning of a New Age of Conscious Healing.

Stone Tower

The Divine Prayer Empowerment Donation

Stone Reiki Donation