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Spirit Release Healing Services

Spirit Release Healing is a new form of healing that I have channelled with the help of the Celestial Hierarchy who are an advanced group of light beings that work with me through a unique crystal called the "Energy Point of Light". Through this connection with the Celestial Hierarchy and the Energy Point of Light, I am able to shift my consciousness into an altered state of reality which helps me to access your spirit body to pick up and detect any adverse energies, implants, attachments etc. 


* Are you unable to sleep for long periods of time

* Do you find you cannot get a decent rest when you do sleep?

* Do you have thoughts constantly running around in your head and find it a struggle to snap out of it. 

* Do you experience pain in your head?

* Are you constantly tired?

* Do you have unexpected health problems? 

* Do you suffer from mood swings?

* Do you find yourself overreacting to things in life? 

* Do you have a low mood?

* Do you feel that there is no point in living?

* Do you suffer from addictions?

* Do you suffer from trauma but have not had counselling for healing from this

* Do you feel that there is another person or being inside of you or attached to you? 

If you have answered yes to some or all of the above then you could be suffering from a form of energy attachment in and around your auric field and/or a chakra attachment. Most people will have an attachment during their lifetime, without even knowing it. It is very common. Aura attachments and malfunctioning Chakras limit your personal growth and manifestation capabilities. They can also cause severe limitations in the evolution of your personal, spiritual and physical growth. You can spend years reading books and seeking help from outside of yourself however you will quite often find that you are not able to break free from the cycles of feeling trapped or experiencing the same circle of events that keep happening time and time again. Aura attachments can also manifest as physical diseases. There are many types of auric attachment that lower your energies and fracture your frequencies. This causes you to continuously experience difficulty in manifesting a much more desirable reality. 

Why Clear Your Aura and Chakras?
It is important to clear the aura and chakras in order to break free from these negative influences and repetitive cycles. One must work to transform the negative attachments from all levels of awareness. This includes the neural networks that are associated with them so the repeated patterns can stop becoming solidified as more emotion is put into them. One must then clear out the negativity, undesired attachments, demonic/negative influences, negative thought forms, soul fragmentations, and spirit personalities {seen & unseen} so they can be cleared once and for all. 

The Chakra and Auric Field Clearing Healing Session
This new healing service will clear out all attachments, imprints, cords, and implants as well as all forms of chakra attachments, implants, imprints and cords that might exist in the energetic fields. Clearing these will open, align and fully activate the Chakras. Through this session, the chakras will be kept open for healing and divine manifestation. It is essential to keep the chakras aligned and open to allow for the body to perform the natural mechanism in which it was designed to do which is TO HEAL ITSELF! When you are experiencing these various distortions in your energy field and chakras you can experience a level of suffering that you should not have to bare. Everything that is felt in life is experienced on an energetic level before it manifests in the physical reality and your overall health. 

The layers of the Aura that I will scan, clear, heal and align will include: 

  • The Etheric Body 

  • The Astral {Emotional Body}

  • The Mental Body

  • The Spiritual Body

  • The Etheric Template Body

  • The Celestial Body

  • The Ketheric Template Body 

  • The Memory Body 

  • The Integrative Body 

  • The Eternal Body

  • The Universal Body 


Important Note: On occasions, I will not sense anything being attached or imprinted onto your spiritual body. This occurs when the physical self creates a thought that they are under the influence of external forces but in reality, the forces are coming from within and from their own subconscious mind. These are what I call Self Imposed Psychic Attacks and they occur more often than actual spiritual attachments. When I detect this, I will inform you so you can receive a traditional Spiritual Healing session which includes Mental and Emotional Healing to help clear away these unconscious self-imposed thought patterns. 
What will happen in the Healing Session? 
Your healing session will last for between 1 and 1.5 hours where you will be asked to lay down with your eyes closed. Wearing comfortable clothing with no jewellery including watches being worn. During the healing session, you might experience a flow of energy through the body which will feel as though you are laying on a vibration plate. You might also feel waves of energy flowing through you. There could be heat or coolness flowing through your body as well. Altered states of consciousness, visions and/or etheric voices may also be heard. It is however important that you must remember that these experiences are actually rare experiences during a healing session. It is important to remember that the majority of the time, nothing will be felt apart from a deep state of relaxation. One must remember that the focus on the external sensations will distract you from the positive eneriges being received so if nothing happens during the healing, this is actually a better sign than if something is seen and/or felt. 

How is the Healing Given? 
I do offer in-person healing using this service but to make it more accessible to clients all around the world I am now offering it via distance healing. In-person treatments are available for clients who are in the South Wales area but my preferred method to offer these healings is via distance. This allows for a more in-depth healing to be given as well as a greater healing to be received by the client. During your healing, you are encouraged to relax. There is nothing else that you need to do. You can play music in the background, you can listen to guided meditations, binaural beats, and solfeggio tones. If you are going to use incense or candles, these must be used with care. Candles must never be left unattended or burnt near flammable objects or materials. The Academy and Jay Burrell will not be held responsible if you choose to use candles or incense during your healing session. To share the healing with you, I can offer the energies using 1 of 2 ways. The first method is where we arrange for a set time and day when we can both enter into a meditative state for the transference of healing energy to be sent {I am based in the United Kingdom where I work from 9am - 5pm BST} so this must be taken into account when booking your healing session via my online booking system. The alternative method is a technique that I developed several years ago called the "Etheric Background Technique"


My Way to Send Healing Using the Etheric Background Technique 


This method allows you to continue with your daily life, work, school, shopping etc while the healing is given. This is extremely helpful for people who live internationally or have jobs or children to care for during the day. With the Etheric Background Technique, I will connect with your higher self {Monad} for your energy system to be treated as well as clearing the Auric Field and your personal space. Using this method, you might experience lightheadedness, fluctuations in body heat or heart palpitations so please be aware of any changes and if you need to sit down for several minutes until the sensations ease, please do this with care. After the healing has been given, it is not uncommon for someone to experience a post-healing crisis which is where the body releases adverse energy patterns, cords, attachments, spirits etc. Some will feel instantly better. Whatever occurs, you must give yourself several weeks for the energies to be fully integrated into your etheric body. During this process, you might experience sudden changes in your mood as old energies and attachments, and implants are removed. There will also be a process where old thought forms are released so new programs can be encoded into your energy field. During this time, it is recommended that you try to stay away from socialising or strenuous activities until the full 4 weeks has passed. This is a major healing and clearing of your whole spiritual body so be gentle with yourself during this time. 




Unlike many other healers, I find that focusing on the feedback can take away the focus on the spirit healing being performed so the way I report back to you about my findings and what was given will be different. Instead of a long email, I will report back with bullet points which will give you insight into what was found, who was discovered and what was done to help you. I understand that this method is different to others but it is the way that I find to be of most benefit when performing spirit release healing. 

Maintaining your Energies to Stop Future Attachments 

It will now be your responsibility to maintain your energy body. The best way to do this is through daily self-healing using Usui Reiki and making sure you are grounded when you wake and grounded before you go to bed at night. I also encourage clients to work with Angel LightCode Healing Reiki and Celestial Chakras 1-5 to help with this process. The Usui method of healing will give you the ability to self-heal on a daily basis which will keep up the work that I have done through your main healing session/sessions. I am also here to help at any time you need post-healing support and/or guidance. If you require additional healings after your main session has been given, these are offered and I will usually recommend a minimum of 2 sessions to address, clear and remove adverse energies before smoothing out any imbalance that these have caused.


Items I Need For Your Healing Session


In order to provide the best possible healing that I can, I will require a picture of the individual who is receiving the healing. This picture must be a full body image {head to feet} where they are standing on their own with no one else around them. Ideally, the individual should be standing in front of a plain background but if this is not possible that is ok. I will also need your location {country}. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about this new service that I am offering and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me and I will help as much as I can. You can contact me by CLICKING HERE

All sales are final!

The Spirit Release Healing sessions are for 1 person only. It is not possible to perform the healing on more than 1 person at a time. If you need healing to be sent to multiple people {3+} please email me for a group discount. Thank you

Spirit Release Healing Session x 1 & Email Followup - £75

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Intensive Spirit Release Healing Service {4 Sessions sent every 2 weeks for 8 weeks or once a month for 4 months plus full email followup and assistance as and when it is needed}. - £250.00

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Important Notice:


Mr Jay Burrell and the Academy of LivingReiki Therapies cannot be held responsible for any ill effects that may arise during or after a healing session has been given. As a Spiritual Healer, all I offer is a way for your body to heal itself. This can at times result in adverse reactions within the body as the old stale energies are released so the body can self-heal. If these reactions continue for several days after the healing has been given, you are encouraged to seek medical assistance to check for any underlying condition that is causing these symptoms. 

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