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Crystal & Diamond LightCode Ascension Reiki Teachers & Practitioners

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LivingReiki Academy intends to preserve the work of this distant attunement so that everyone who receives the spiritual training and attunement will receive the genuine work with a consistency of principles, energies, information, and methods. After you have received your training and final Master/Teacher attunement you must be registered with the Academy. This process seals your working relationship with the Academy and the training you have received. By confirming your commitment to abide by the principles and practices outlined within the given manual, and by abiding by the teaching guidelines you will start the process of becoming a fully registered Master/Teacher. 


Your registration will also enable LivingReiki Academy to properly support you on your spiritual and life path as well as share any future updates to the attunement which includes new revised manuals. It is always the teacher's responsibility to register ALL students when they are attuned. Failure to register someone will result in a fracture within the energy meaning that the student will not be energetically aligned to pass on the energies or to use the energies to their fullest potential.


If you are receiving this attunement from any teacher whose name does not appear below or if a teacher is passing on the attunement before their authorised teaching date, please contact me so I can investigate further. Failure to inform me will mean that you have not received the correct teaching and energies of this system including any new manual of which there is not a new copyrighted manual and as such will not be energetically prepared to pass on the energies to others. This will result in you needing to be re-attuned at an additional cost and your teacher being removed from the registered list. 


United Kingdom

* Jay Burrell (Founder



* Caroline Todd

Crystal Lightcode Ascension Reiki - 21/1/2023



*  Simona Elena Iacob

Crystal Lightcode Ascension Reiki - 25/9/2023


South Africa 

* Emma Bisschoff

Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki - 3/3/2023

Diamond LightCode Ascension Reiki - 11/5/2023



* Parichart Phootirat

Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki - 15/2/2022



* David Painter

Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki - 19/10/2022


Glenda Dawson

Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki - 23/6/2023

Diamond LightCode Ascension Reiki - 5/8/2023


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