New Year Special Offer 

While I work on the new Subscription Plans including a contract that each student will need to sign when they subscribe to the plans, I have decided to keep the New Year 25% discount offer open for a few more weeks. Enter the code Happy-NewYear-2021 within the promotional box during checkout for the discount to be applied to your order. 

Terms and Conditions


The Spiritual Trinity - Aligning Mind, Body & Spirit / The Etheric Tarot Flush Empowerment and Angel LightCode Healing Reiki are excluded from this special offer. 

Attunement & Founder Search Engine

Are you looking for a specific attunement or an item by a founder? If you are then please use the search bar below. Simply type in the name of the attunement or the founder you are looking for to see if we have it available. If you cannot find the item you are looking for, please contact me with the name of the attunement or the founder and I will check to see if I have the item or something similar. 

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