Halloween Special Offer 

During these difficult times with many countries experiencing a 2nd wave of Covid infections, I want to bring some happiness and joy into everyones lif and more so if you would like to continue receiving attunements to progress on your spiritual path but are finding it hard to purchase attunements due to being made redundant or having your working hours cut. With this in my mind, I am offering a very large selection of attunements that can be taken with a 50% discount off the listed price by quoting Autumn-Winter-502020 at checkout.

At the Academy we also want to make every attunement affordable so while the 50% discount is given to help students continue their spiritual training.

Terms & Conditions


Angel LightCode Healing Reiki, Lightarian Accelerated Package. Ultimate Package and Existing Sale Items are excluded from this special offer and must be purchased separately. 

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Are you looking for a specific attunement or an item by a founder? If you are then please use the search bar below. Simply type in the name of the attunement or the founder you are looking for to see if we have it available. If you cannot find the item you are looking for, please contact me with the name of the attunement or the founder and I will check to see if I have the item or something similar. 

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