The Academy of LivingReiki Therapies was created to provide you with a wide range of safe and effective attunements and energetic empowerments that have been channeled from genuine founders. This is why you will only find a small selection of items on our website. We do not believe that attunements should be handed out like sweets in a candy shop without first testing them to ensure that the energies are pure and honest. All of the attunements we offer have been carefully selected and each one has been worked with for many months and years to ensure that they are not only pure but that they are guaranteed to help you with your personal healing, self empowerment and overall spiritual well-being.  At the Academy you will only find genuine and honest energies. 


While many online teaching schools will simply send you your manuals via the traditional method of email, your manuals through the Academy are delivered to you as soon as your payment has been received. These links are valid for 30 days for you to download your documents. When the manuals have been read and you have asked any questions that you have, we will proceed to arrange for your attunements to be sent. These can be sent using the call in or appointed time method. With both methods, you will receive an email from the Academy on the day of your attunement with all of the information you need to receive the energies. At times, I will also include personal insights and wisdom that I have gained while sending your attunement to you. Although this does not happen during every attunement I will always pass on any information that I am given. Being an Empath, my psychic abilities are focused more on SENSING energies rather than seeing visuals during the attunement process. This means that I might not always have visual guidance to send to you. This never means that your attunement hasn't been successful. It simply means that I am staying TRUE to my own calling as an Empath and Sensitive in what I feel when I pass the attunement to you. Some teachers will be able to give you wonderful vivid journeys of what they saw and felt and this is their path but I must again stay true to my path and I will always give insights if I receive them. I will never make something up just to fulfil someones need for confirmation. 


Are you looking for an item by a particular founder or a specific distant attunement? If you are please use the search bar below! If you cannot find the attunement that you are looking for please send me a message to see if I have the item available or something similar.