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LivingReiki Academy Lifetime Membership

For the final few days of May, I would like to focus on the Lifetime Membership option. Becoming a Lifetime Member of the Academy brings many blessings and opportunities to grow and also to propel your spiritual life forward towards personal ascension and enlightenment. 


Founder: Mixed

Year of Channelling: 2000 to Present 

Fixed Fee Systems: Yes

Nos. Attunements: 1200+

Symbols: Yes


Many people still ask me why do I focus on the Lifetime Package. Well, the simplest answer is because this package is one of the most advanced methods that anyone can use to propel their lives towards personal healing, enlightenment and ascension. This package not only gives you access to every attunement that I have available through the Academy plus new additions for free. You will also have one to one support and guidance by me and my spirit guide Rakesh who will be more than happy to step in to share insights with you when they are needed. 


The Academy of LivingReiki Therapies was founded in 2001 as a centre for advanced spiritual studies. I wanted to create a space where Lightworkers, Spiritual Seekers and Healers could find the support they needed to help them to grow within their spiritual lives while also healing the body, inspiring the mind and awakening the spirit to higher levels of healing, dimensional consciousness and spiritual ascension. The philosophy and intention of the Academy will always be to provide each person with a path to wellness through professional teaching, divine healing and spiritual guidance. Whether you want to focus on distant attunements, spiritual healing, entity clearing, tarot or connecting with your spirit guides, I am committed to providing you with the tools that you will need to lead a balanced life in alignment with all aspects of your higher self and celestial blueprint. From the moment you enter the Academy, you will experience a nurturing and supportive space where you will feel empowered to take back control of your life. 


* Are you being called to become a spiritual teacher? 


* Do you feel guided to work with several aspects of spiritual healing but do not know where to start? 

* Do you feel a close affinity with the angels, fairies, ascended masters, crystals, light beings, celestial consciousness or higher dimensional energies? 


* Do you feel that you are a Starseed and wish to know more about what this means and how you can be comfortable in your life here on earth?


* Do you want to invest in your overall spiritual progression to reach higher levels of ascension and healing?


* Do you want to expand and awaken your psychic abilities so you can use them in your healing sessions and everyday life?

* Do you want to join the 15 students who have already signed up to become Lifetime Members of the Academy? 


If these questions resonate with you and you have answered YES to them this package is for you! 


The Lifetime Membership offer has been created to give you access to EVERY attunement that I have been attuned to since becoming a spiritual teacher over 21 years ago. During my own journey, I have studied with many well-known masters and teachers from the United Kingdom, Japan, India, the United States of America and many other countries around the world who have all introduced me to the many disciplines and advanced studies, all of which have greatly aided me on my spiritual path as well as adding extra dimensions of energy to the healings that I give to myself and my clients through my healing practice in the Vale of Glamorgan. These are the same blessings and gifts that you will receive as a lifetime member. As well as having access to all of the attunements that I have available on my website, you will be given instant access to all new additions that I or other founders channel. You will never have to purchase another attunement from the Academy ever again. Several members who have signed up for this package have all commented on how their lives have changed since they started to study with the academy and are all calling this a "Journey of a Lifetime". {You can read the reviews from several members below}.


Through your lifetime membership, you will learn about the following and much more: 


Angel and Archangel Connections.


Connecting with the Ascended Masters.


How to work with Ethereal Crystals, Stones, Herbs, Flowers, Trees, Fungi etc. 


How to awaken and develop your psychic abilities through attunements such as Ashati. 


Connecting with and advancing on your spiritual path by awakening your Starseed Self, Higher Dimensional Chakras, Celestial Chakras {Chakras 8-40}, Galactic Self etc.


You will also learn how to connect with your Spirit Guides to receive wisdom and guidance. 


You will also have access to subjects such as:


Abundance & Prosperity Energies.


Celtic Energies.


Dragon Energies.


Easter Energies.


Egyptian & Seichim Energies.


God & Goddess Energies.


Karmic Energies.


Kundalini Awakening.


Psychic Development & Protection.


Shamanic & Pagan Energies.


Shamballa Energies.


Usui Reiki and much more.

LivingReiki Lifetime Membership - £5,000 {Special Offer £1500

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If you have any questions regarding Crystalline Reiki training material, distant attunements or anything else please do not hesitate to email me

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