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Attunement Focus for June 2024

This month, we will be focusing on 2 distant attunements.


* Diamond Light Reiki

* The Abundance Magnet Empowerment 

Please check out the descriptions below to learn more about the attunements for June 2024

Diamond Light Reiki


Founder: Jay Burrell 

Year of Channelling: 2022

Fixed Fee System: Yes

Nos. Attunements: 2

Symbols: Yes

Prerequisite: Reiki 1st Degree preferred but not essential


Diamond Light Reiki is an advanced system of spiritual healing and personal progression that allows you to channel etheric diamond energies. Diamond Light Reiki uses the vibrations of traditional Reiki and those of etheric Diamonds. By combining these 2 tools, you can give powerful healing to yourself and others to bring about profound clearing, healing, re-alignment and focus of mind, body & spirit. For decades, the frequencies of the Diamond have been slowly building within the minds of healers, spiritual seekers and lightworkers from all around the world. These energies are transmitted to us from the higher realms of existence to help us initiate ourselves to pass the threshold from the 3rd-dimensional state of reality into the 4th & 5th-dimensional planes. The anchoring of the Diamond Light frequencies on Mother Earth are therefore an essential part of the ascension process that we now see unfolding in our lives. Diamond Light Reiki aligns you with the embodiment of your higher self and celestial light body bringing forth a higher and more refined state of consciousness that is anchored in your awakening to the heart of the diamond. The Diamond/Diamonds aligned with this attunement will be encoded into your auric field, giving you the ability to tap into their energies so you can bring forth healing on all levels of your bring from the mind, body & spirit. Through this activation, you will embody the aspects of your higher self and the multi-dimensional light body bringing with it a more refined state of consciousness that is anchored into your awakening diamond heart. It does so through the next level of healing from energetic blocks, heart purification and the activation of diamond light which are dormant within your DNA.


Diamond Light Reiki will help with the following plus much more:


* Release of Energy Blocks


* Increased Self Respect, Self Love and Self Acceptance


* Opening Space for New Energies to enter into your Life


* How to use Diamond {Physical and Etheric}


* Diamonds and Wealth


* Psychic Experiences and Powers


* Learn about the Earth, Air, Fire and Water Chakras plus much more

To purchase Diamond Light Reiki, please click on the link below: 

The Abundance Magnet Empowerment


Founder: Jay Burrell 

Year of Channelling: 2024

Fixed Fee System: Yes

Nos. Attunements: 1

Symbols: No

Prerequisite: None


The Abundance Magnet Empowerment has one of the most comprehensive manuals that is available at this time concerning attracting abundance into your life. With 49 pages of channelled information, abundance techniques and spiritual guidance, you will soon witness the flow of universal abundance when you apply the teachings to your everyday life. 


Abundance is the belief that there is more than enough of everything in the universe for everyone. It's the understanding that resources, opportunities, and blessings are plentiful and available to all. When you embrace an abundance mindset, you shift your focus from lack and scarcity to gratitude and possibility. Your beliefs about abundance play a crucial role in your ability to attract it into your life. If you believe that there is not enough to go around, that you are undeserving of abundance, or that success is limited to a select few, you will inadvertently block the flow of abundance to you. On the other hand, when you align your beliefs with the truth of abundance, you open yourself up to receiving all the good that the universe has to offer. Cultivating an abundance mindset and creating an abundance magnet involves letting go of limiting beliefs, practicing gratitude for what you already have, and trusting in the universe's ability to provide for you. It means focusing on what you want to attract, rather than what you lack, and taking inspired action towards your goals.


By shifting your mindset and beliefs around abundance, you become a magnet for prosperity, joy, and fulfilment in all areas of your life. This new distant attunement will also teach you that one of the most important aspects of cultivating an abundance mindset is developing a deep sense of self-love and self-worth. When you truly love and accept yourself, you send a powerful message to the universe that you are deserving of all the good that life has to offer. Self-love involves treating yourself with kindness, compassion, and respect. It means honouring your own needs, setting healthy boundaries, and making self-care a priority. When you take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually, you create a strong foundation for abundance to flow into your life. Practicing self-love also helps you to release any feelings of unworthiness or self-doubt that may be blocking your ability to receive abundance. By affirming your value and worthiness, you open yourself up to limitless possibilities and opportunities. 


Within the 49-page manual, you will learn about the following plus much more: 


* Understanding Abundance


* How to Attract Universal Abundance


* Expectancy Theory


*  Unlocking Abundance Through Expectancy Theory


* What is Cognitive Reframing


* The Power of Visualising Abundance


* Benefits of Visualising Abundance


* An Abundance Mindset 


* Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Negative Self-Talk


* Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Cultivating Abundance


* Identifying and Releasing Abundance Blocks


* Cultivating An Abundance Mindset With Anchors


* Working with the Abundance Magnet Empowerment and much more

To purchase the Abundance Magnet Empowerment, please click on the link below: 


If you have any questions regarding these attunements or the training materials, please do not hesitate to email me

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