Angel Reiki Distant Healing

Hi. I am an Angel Reiki Practitioner and Angel Healing Therapist. Through the Angel Reiki Distant Healing sessions I will connect with the energies of the Angels as well as the Angel Reiki Symbols that were channeled by Kevin Core, the founder of this beautiful healing system.


What is Angel Reiki

Angel Reiki is an absolute Joy to work with, working Hand in Hand with the Angelic Kingdom of Light to bring one of the Highest forms of Healing to Individuals, Groups and the  Planet. Angels are beings who exist outside of our Conscious Dimension. They are the Master Programmers of the Main Programme we know as the Universe. Through their Guidance and the healing art of Angel Reiki, we can positively influence the Creative Energy Systems of any Individual or Group, according to the Divine Will. This could be on a Physical, Emotional or Mental Level. At this moment in time in the History of Humanity and the Earth, issues are surfacing to be cleared that have their roots deeply embedded in the past. We carry these Energetic Imprints at a Cellular level and they are often worked out through many incarnations. These issues are available to be cleared now, through the ability of the Angels to transcend Time and Space as we know it. This means that the whole World in which we live is resonating to the Divine, including your Physical Body and Consciousness. We all strive to zoom off to other realities where we believe the Divine resides whilst being totally unaware of the Beauty in which we find ourselves here. With the Anchoring and Activation of the Angelic Light Grid we now have the opportunity to see past the fog of Illusion which has been placed before the eyes of Humanity so that we can connect to the beauty of the Angelic Realms. This new Awareness will also allow us to connect to all those other beings of light who share this reality with us. The beauty of this Planet has always been here, as have the beings of light, they are around you now, even as you read this message. 

Close your eyes and feel what your body is telling you. Next extend your feeling body out into the room where you are. If there any other being here? Hold this space for 5 minutes and see what you perceive. I and the Angels are standing behind you as you read this message. Can you feel us? This message has been created so that as you read it, a Doorway will open whereby what is already here will contact you. If you feel a Tingling Sensation in your Body, hear a Pop, a Crack or feel a shift then this is us. The Angel Reiki Healing Sessions will open a space in which you can allow the Angels and myself to fill you with the Divine Consciousness. It will create a space that touches the Great White Brotherhood on Sirius, the Galactic Masters of Orion, the Galactic Masters of Aldebaron and the Pleiades who work together to bring Truth, Love, Light and the Divine Expression of Creativity and Releasement into your life. 

The Angel Reiki Distant Healing sessions offered through the Academy are safe and completely natural. They can address anything from Physical, Emotional and Mental imbalances to provide profound healing for spiritual issues too. Angel Reiki is a Multi-Dimensional form of Healing that I offer through the Academy of LivingReiki Therapies. While I acknowledge that many people prefer in-person Healing Sessions, Distant Treatments are a valuable form of Healing, especially for anyone who does not have easy access to a professional Angel Reiki Practitioner or is Disabled or Bedridden. 


About Angel (Angelic) Reiki Distant Healing Treatments


An Angelic Reiki Multi-Dimensional Healing Treatment works to connect you at a Soul level with the Angelic Realms to help align you with your Higher Self, allowing the purest Angelic Healing Energies to bring whatever healing best suits your Physical, Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual needs at that particular time. Angelic Reiki Healing helps to bring Balance to Mind, Body and Spirit while promoting overall Well-Being. Also in the words of the founder of Angel Reiki, Kevin Core, “If you are drawn to Angelic Reiki, on some level you are ready to change”. Angel Reiki works to support you in letting go on Physical, Genetic, Emotional, Mental and Karmic Imbalances throughout all time and space, to allow Healing of Core Issues by embracing a happier and more fulfilled life. 


Who can benefit from Angel Reiki 


Distant Healing Treatments are suitable for anyone, any age and with any condition, anywhere in the world. These unique Healing Treatments complement Orthodox Medicine and/or other Complimentary Therapies. 


How many Treatments will I need? 


The number of Angel Reiki Treatments will depend on your reason for requesting them. Angel Reiki will work to heal and balance anything from Mental Disorders, Physical Disease/Disorders, Psychological Disorders, Spiritual State of Being. It will also depend on how long you have been affected by the condition that you would like to healing to be sent to. The longer the Negative based energies have been part of your life, the more time will be needed to address them to bring back a sense of Balance and Spiritual Alignment. Some conditions will simply require 1 Treatment while others will need more which is why I like to offer 4 Treatments which are spaced out over a period of 4 weeks with 1 Treatment being given once a week for 4 weeks. This also gives your body time to assimilate the Angelic Energies and for any clearings to be processed before the next Treatment is sent. An Angel Reiki treatment plan will be discussed with you during your initial email consultation. You will also be encouraged to be guided by your inner knowing in connection with the number and timing of your treatments.


What happens during an Angel Reiki Healing Treatment? 


Each treatment is unique for you. It offers the invitation to Heal on Physical, Psychological, Emotional and Spiritual levels while providing you with what you need at this time to boost your wellbeing to the optimum level which is appropriate for you at this time. When a Distant Healing Treatment is activated within your Etheric Background you will receive an energetic connection with the Angelic Realms where the Angels will work within your Etheric Background. You may or may not experience the presence of the Angels. You may or may not experience various sensations. You may or may not receive actual guidance from the Angels but the one thing that you will experience is a deep sense of Calmness and Relaxation. The one thing that I want to point out here is that with the Angel Reiki Treatments, we do not focus on the need for visual feedback to be given or received by the Healer or the Client. 9 times out of 10, there is no visual feedback and most of the time when someone does offer visual feedback this is because they have developed their Clairvoyance abilities. At the Academy we prefer to focus on your Spiritual wellbeing over the visual feedback that is given. As your Healing Facilitator I focus more on my Empathic Healing abilities rather than forcing myself to gain visuals during the Treatments which I quite often find to be distracting from the process of connecting with the Angels during your Healing Treatment. I will however give feedback via Email after each Healing Treatment is given to you if I feel that it is relevant at that time. After many years of offering Healing Treatments to clients via my In Person Practice and Distantly I always allow the Angels to guide me with any messages or sensations that I am given. Too many Healers and Clients put too much attention on Visual experiences when ultimately these are fleeting moments in time but the Healing that will occur is what I feel is of the upmost importance. 


The process is as follows:


Upon payment for your Angel Reiki Healing Treatments you will receive a confirmation email from me. Within this email I will ask for you to send me the following information: 



Date of Birth 

Location (Country/Town/City) 


I will also require for you to send me what’s going on currently in your life and your reasons for seeing an Angel Reiki Healing Treatment. This information is kept confidential and is never shared with anyone else. 


After these details have been sent to me, we will agree a time and date (allowing, if necessary, for any time difference between your country and the UK which is where I am based). You will need to devote approx 30-45 minutes for the full Healing Treatment to be received. It can sometimes take less time than this but allowing up to 45 minutes will ensure that you receive the fullness of the Angel Reiki Treatment. 


It is recommended that you lie down or sit in a Quiet, Peaceful Environment throughout the Distant Treatment while I conduct the Distant Healing. During the Healing Treatment, you may or may not experience Heat, Cold, Pulsing, Tingling, Itching, Twitching, See Colours. You might also begin to experience Emotions surfacing, Receive Insights or Guidance from the Angels. Feel Deeply Relaxed, Calm, Peaceful etc. We all experience things in life differently and that is equally true with Angel Reiki Treatments. Whatever you do, or do not experience through your senses will be perfect for you and it has no bearing on the effectiveness of the Treatment. Again, I always try my hardest to teach people that it is not the experience during the Healings that we should focus on, it is the effects that come after the Healing Treatment which show how effective they have been. These effects can sometimes be seen or felt straight away but more often than not, they will slowly filter through your Etheric Background over the days, weeks and months after the main Treatment has been given. 


After your Angel Reiki Healing Treatment, while it is still fresh in your mind, write down your Impressions and/or Experiences. I will do the same in respect of what Information/Guidance I receive during the Healing. We will then connect via Email to discuss your Impressions/Experiences while I will also provide any aftercare advice. As with my Distant Attunement Services, I kindly ask that all Email contact is kept strictly on subject and each Email is kept to a maximum of 100 words when possible. This is asked so that I can address your questions in as much detail as I possibly can. 


During the 3-4 weeks of subsequent integration of the Healing, I will provide support as appropriate. In accordance with the Treatment Plan discussed and your own inner knowing, we may or may not agree to further Distant Healing Treatments.


How Does Distant/Distance (Remote) Healing Work?


For some people, the concept of Remote Healing may be hard to grasp, even though they are already familiar with and readily accept other transfers of Energy over Distance without being able to see them, touch them, only witness the end result: ie Electricity, Radio Waves, Satellite Communications (TV, Sat-Nav etc). One way of describing Distant Healing is ‘Direct Compassionate Intention’ and an ever increasing Body of Scientific Evidence now supports how such Healing works. 


Quantum Physics provides the evidence that both Time and Space are actually Illusions, albeit from our limited perception, very persistent ones. Also that everything is made up of Energy, everything, everyone is connected to a Universal Web of Energy (Web of Life/Living Matrix) and all of life is Consciousness. As all of life is Consciousness, and in Quantum terms, non-local (ie not limited by Space and Time), then focused Consciousness can be specifically directed through Intention for Healing purposes. Because of this non-local Quantum aspect, Time and Space collapse when Healing is transmitted through the Universal Energy Field to someone in another location (near or far). Therefore they will instantly receive Healing Energy.


Quote from The Institute of Noetic Sciences:


“ Distant Healing is an Ancient Human Activity, still widely practices throughout the world today. Over thousands of years, Humans have developed a rich blend of Distant Healing Practices, some being Traditional, some Exotic, from Prayer to Shamanic Rituals to Compassionate Intention Meditations. Distant Healing Encompasses a brad range of Healing Practices, may of which are based in Ancient Spiritual Traditions. Virtually all major Religions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, endorse and encourage the use of Distant Healing amount their adherents. Over the past 30 years, significant research has been conducted on the potential effectiveness and value of Distant Healing. The practice of Distant Healing is drawing increased attention as an important component of Integral Medicine that blends a range of approaches to Health and Healing. Many leading Health Professionals and Spiritual Leaders believe that Distant Healing Practices may significantly expand the capacity to facilitate Healing. 


So as countless Distant Healers and their Clients all over the World confirm, Distant Healing definitely works. For many years I have conducted Distant Healing Treatments for Clients, Friends and Family and repeatedly they have told me about how beneficial the effects were for them. 


Please have faith in me and also in the Angels to bring Healing to your life through the Angel Reiki Multi-Dimensional Distant Healing Services and I look forward to helping you at this time on your Spiritual and Life’s Path. 

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