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This news page is your go-to source to receive all of the updates from LivingReiki Academy. Here you can stay informed and connected as we share the latest channelling information and provide insights into what’s going on within the etheric walls of LivingReiki Academy. 

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Update to Special Offers

1. You can now receive 1 free attunement with every purchase. This is not a buy 1 get 1 free offer, your free gift will be given to a total of my discretion. More information about this can be found on the special offers page. 

2. New Attunement Focus for April - Advanced Healing Reiki


New Founder

1. After several weeks of working with the energies of Rishi Rohit Sharma, I can confirm that they are available again through the Academy store. You can find his attunements by clicking on the relevant link within the store's navigation bar.

2. Important Message: I will always try my hardest to reply to emails the same day that they were sent but during busy periods, it can sometimes take me up to 2 days to send a reply. Please only re-send your email if you have not heard back from me within 3 days. I would also like to ask that if you are requesting your certificates by email, please do not request more than 5 at a time. If more than 5 are requested, I will only send the first 5 in the email. I ask this due to the number of certificates that I am sending out each day which can exceed 30+ on some days. 


New Release

1. The Dark Night of the Soul Healing Flush Empowerment is now available through the Academy store. To find out more about this new attunement, please Click Here


New Tarot Spreads

1. I will soon be offering 3 new Tarot Card Readings using the following card spreads:

* Relationship Reading

* Mental Health Reading

* Astrological Reading

Please bookmark the tarot webpage or sign up for the academy newsletter to be first in line to receive information when the readings are available. 


New Attunement Focus

1. You can now find several new attunements within the main webstore including Strength Movers of Light by Mariah Windsong. This very interesting attunement helps you to connect with several beings called the "Ancient Ones" while also developing your very own set of Oracle Cards. 

2. After several requests, I have listed a brand new attunement package developed to connect with the energies of the Saints. 

3. A new Attunemnt Focus section has been added to the Old School attunement webpage. Through this new addition, I will be bringing back the energies of some old-school vibrations that I have found to be incredibly beneficial within my spiritual practices. 


New Attunement Focus

1. I have just updated the attunement focus webpage. This week you can receive the attunements to Crystal LightCode Ascension Reiki and Diamond LightCode Ascension Reiki for a limited-time special offer. Click Here to find out more


Coming Soon

1. Over the next few days, I will be releasing a brand new distant attunement that I have been working with for several months. This attunement will be called "The Holy Scapular Empowerment"


2. A new blog post will be coming to the Academy over the next few days. This post will focus on the messages that incense can give to you while it burns. If this sounds interesting please sign up to the Academy newsletter to be one of the first to know when the blog post is published. 


Attunement Focus

1. My newest distant attunement has just been released. This attunement is called Mermaid-Glass Spiritual Empowerment and can be found in the main webstore on my website.


2. For the next week or two, I will be focusing my teachings on Sekhem Heka. Please CLICK HERE to learn more about this powerful and life-changing ancient Egyptian energy by Storm Constantine. 


Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer

1. Our first discount of Spring is now active on the Special Offers webpage. Click Here to find out more


Certificates Requests

1.Due to increasing amounts of teaching work, certificates can take up to 5 working days to be sent to you. Please only re-send your certificate request if you have not heard from me after 5 working days. Can I also PLEASE ask that no more than 5 certificates are requested at a time? Thank you 


The Rainbow Light Healing System

1. Back in 2005, I channelled my first distant attunement which was to the energies of the Rainbow Light Healing System. Over the years, this form has grown into a 10-part series of attunements that work with many aspects of the Rainbow spectrum as well as working to heal the mind, body & spirit. Connect with the Fae, Ascended Masters and Archangels plus much more. Over the coming weeks, I am going to revise every manual so I can add new information and new symbols to bring a new dimension to the Rainbow Healing Frequencies. When the manuals are finished, I will announce it here on my News page. 


New Crystal Trilogy Empowerment Manuals 

1. New revised and re-channelled manuals for the following attunements are now available: The Stellar Atom Crystal Empowerment, The Phenacite Crystal Empowerment and The Ethereal Moldavite Crystal Empowerment. 


Translated Emails

1. One promise that I have and offer to all students and spiritual seekers, is I will always do my best to reply to you in your native language. You are also encouraged to email me in your language if this makes it easier for you to express yourself better. I will then use a translator program that I have which is quite accurate to read your email and send replies. 


New Designed Certificates & Attunements by Others

1. The Academy's Annual Easter Prize Draw is now LIVE.


2. As part of the continued revamp of the Academy, I can confirm that today will see the release of my new-look emailed certificates.

3. Several days ago, I made some changes on my website to only offer my own channelled attunements. Since then, I have been inundated by students who have all asked me to bring back the attunements by other founders so I can confirm that I am now offering attunements by all founders including some of your favourites like Amanda Hadley and Rishi Rohit Sharma. 


New Discounts & Manual Download

1. The Academy is here to make energy healing and distant attunements affordable for everyone so when I found out today that several countries around the world, including the United Kingdom had entered another recession, I decided to do my bit by adding a new discount code. To find out more information about the discount codes, please CLICK HERE to open the Special Offers webpage

2. When you have purchased your attunements, you will receive an email with links to download your manuals. Please make sure you download them straight away because they will only be valid for 30 days. After 30 days, you will have to ask for new links to be sent. 


Updating Manuals

1. I am currently working hard to update all of my channelled manuals. These updates will include new information, channelled messages and symbols. The new manuals will be added to the Academy listings. If you would like a copy of the new manuals, you will need to send me a copy of your certificates and lineages so I can email the relevant manual to you. 

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