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Hi, My name is Jay Burrell A.M.A.N.F {Adept in the Manic Arts of the New Age Foundation}

I am an Intuitive Healer based in the beautiful seaside village of Rhoose in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, U.K. Over the years I have been blessed by spirit and my guide with the ability to channel a large selection of distant attunements that are being offered through the academy to help students focus on advanced energy training, etheric crystalline encoding and celestial/galactic/starseed connections. Over the years I have had the opportunity to train with many well known spiritual teachers, masters and guru's who have all helped me to bring to assimilate a vast array of energies that I am now offering you through my website. At the academy you will only find attunements to energies that I feel are pure, honest and genuine. There are a multitude of websites where you can find thousands of distant attunements but I do not feel this is necessary By focusing on a smaller number, I am ale to focus my attention on energies that resonate with my own life. I have also been blessed with being able to train as a Holistic Therapist where I incorporate Colour Therapy, Sound Healing, Crystal Singing Bowl Therapy, Chakra and Auric Field Intuitive Healing, Angel Reiki and Flower Psychometry into the therapies that I offer to clients both online and in person. I am also a qualified Spiritual Counsellor, End of Life Therapist and Grief/Bereavement Counsellor offering my services to those in need in the Vale of Glamorgan and beyond. 

My Story

I discovered my own spiritual path in 2000 after suffering from the condition called Agoraphobia. This condition started in December 1998 after a short holiday to Paris at which time I was perfectly healthy, could go out anywhere and would never think twice about the fear of being out in public but during the holiday I experienced my first ever panic attack. During the panic attack I literally thought I was going to have a heart attack which anyone will understand if they have experienced one in their lifetime. The following day I was due to fly back to the UK but yet again the panic reared its head and I ended up having another panic attack on the train station waiting to catch the train to the airport. My heart was pounding so fast and loud; I could hear and feel it. I was shaking all over, sweat was dripping from my whole body, I couldn't breathe and I thought I was going to collapse. I also felt that I was going to lose control of bladder and bowel movements which would have been very embarrassing. Thankfully this didn't happen but it is a very common symptom with panic attacks It can also be the most stressful of symptoms. 


At the airport, I didn't feel as as bad but as soon as I landed back in the UK, I had to drive from the Heathrow Airport to Cardiff which is over 200 miles away As soon as I started the journey, the panic once again hit me and lasted for the entire journey. As soon as I arrived back in Cardiff I vowed that I would never go out again, and I didn't but this was the worst thing that I could have done because over 15 years later I was housebound. I had lost all of my young adult years when I should have been out enjoying myself. I couldn't work because of the Anxiety and my relationship with my partner and family suffered due to my inability to leave the house. At one point during this illness, I started to experience panic attacks on a daily basis with them resulting in multiple panic attacks throughout the day while I was inside the house which was supposed to be my safe space. Everyday knowing that I was going to wake up in the morning feeling Fearful and full of Anxiety took its toll on my Mental well-being. It was at this point that I thought to myself "I have to get better" or there is no need for me being here on earth and I might as well go back home to spirit. Not long after this, I discovered that a local Hypnotherapist was offering home based Hypnotherapy session to help people with Agoraphobia. I had nothing to loose so I made an appointment to come to my home where he started the process of helping me to change my thought patterns in the hope that this would enable me to leave my house and to embrace the big wide world again. After multiple sessions and a lot of self help he mentioned that he was also a Reiki Master and with my permission, he would like to try giving me Healing. I was willing to try anything at this point so I booked myself in for a Healing Session. I have always been a very curious person and I now wanted to know more about what this Reiki was all about. I started to research the internet and purchased many books to try and understand what the teachings of Reiki were and to my amazement, I read that anyone can learn how to channel this energy through them to help with self-healing.After my initial healing, I asked him about how I could be attuned to Reiki and he told me that if I wanted to learn he would teach me and attune me. I received my Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho level 1 attunement in 2004 and all I can say is that I felt a difference within me straight away. It was a feeling of peace and happiness that I had not experienced for a very long time. After my 1st level attunement, I practised every day giving myself between 2- 3 healing's a day while also receiving healing sessions from my Reiki teacher. After 2 months of self-healingI felt that I was now ready to proceed to Reiki level 2. I also wanted to move forward with Reiki 2 due to my stepdad being very ill and in hospital. I could not travel to West Wales to see him during this time which hurt me a lot but I had read that through the attunement to Reiki level 2 the initiate would receive a symbol which allowed them to send healing over a distance. I knew that I had to get attuned as quickly as possible so I could start to use this energy in the hope that it would help my stepdad.


Unfortunately, my stepdad passed away just before my Reiki level 2 attunement so I was not able to use the energies on him but a miracle did happen, I was able to travel the 50+ miles to my parent's house so I could attend the funeral. It was not easy to travel this distance and I was prescribed medication to help but I knew my mum and younger brother needed me to go home. A few months had passed after the passing of my stepfather and I had not used Reiki for quite some time as I was still grieving for the loss but found myself starting to place my hands over my heart and solar plexus chakras more than I had done. Every time I would place my hands onto these chakras they would burn up and at times felt as though they were on fire. I made my decision there and then that I would never stop using this beautiful energy every again and can honestly say that I never have. I use Reiki on a daily basis and found it to be an extremely powerful tool in helping me to relieve the symptoms of anxiety. I was still scared to go out but the daily panic attacks had stopped. A year after my Reiki level 2 attunement I was attuned to Reiki level 3 (Master/Teacher degree). During those first steps that I took in walking in the light and making the choice to become a LightWorker and Reiki Practitioner I saw and experienced things that I could only have dreamt about. Self Spiritual development is not something that happens overnight and it will take many years, if not lifetimes, to reach full ascension but I allowed myself to open up to the existence of energy healing and started the self-journey of finding out the answers to the many questions that I had.


Questions such as:


1. What is Energy Healing?


2. Who are the Archangels and Ascended Masters?


3. Was there really any difference between all of the world's religions?


4. What is the spirit world and does it really exist?


5. What is my place in the grand scheme of things?


These were the questions that I wanted to discover the answers to and being a true Gemini, who loves to read and absorb as much information that I can, I felt completely at home with this new found way of life. Over 14 years later I can look back to see how much I have personally grown on my own spiritual and life's path. I am no longer Agoraphobic but I still have a few obstacles to overcome. Through the blessings of the archangels, daily use of energy healing and a lot of forcing myself to face my fears and conquer them I am on the road to full recovery. I also found that through working with energy healing and accepting attunements my 3rd eye and crown chakras are developing more and more every day. I do not think there is a day that goes by when I am not blessed with seeing an Angelic Orb of light flash in front of me or to be in contact with the archangels and my spirit guides. I have also started to work with Egyptian magic through a beautiful healing system called Sekhem Heka. Sekhem Heka was created by Author and Reiki Master Storm Constantine. I received my own teaching and attunements directly from Storm which have added much more awareness into the ancient Egyptian deity worship as well as incorporating the art of Magic into energy healing and spiritual development. 


I also adore nature and love spending time in my garden. Being surrounded by the beauty of the flowers, the hustle and bustle of the animal life bring's such a peaceful and tranquil energy to the spiritual body. I have also discovered on my spiritual path that I am an empath and hypersensitive. Being empathic and hypersensitive can at times be very stressful, especially when I am among crowds of people but I have also discovered that I will occasionally pick up on the energies of worldwide events. When a natural or man-made disaster is going to occur I will feel a sense of dread, panic and sadness which will flow over me for a 24 hour period. I will usually then find that on that day or 24 hours later something has happened where a great loss of life has occurred. I am also in regular contact with many beings of light and am currently developing my abilities to work as a medium through trance mediumship. This is taking a long time but ive learnt that everything happens for a reason and the time will come when this ability is fully manifested in my life.


I also work very closely with my Star Guide RAKESH who I was introduced to by a very close friend many years ago. Rakesh and I connect with each other on a daily basis and it is through his guidance and support that I have created the new website for the Academy. Rakesh is also one of my closest friends in that he guides me and supports me with everything that I do with the spiritual teaching that I give to others. He will regularly connect with me when I offer guidance to students, this comes through when I am speaking to clients or simply writing an email to someone. I don't think I could do this work without him so I would like to dedicate my new website to him and I pray that he will continue to support me and guide me on my spiritual and life's path as well as aiding me with all the teaching that I give to you. 

I have had the opportunity to connect with Rakesh on many occasions over the years and he will always be by my side to assist me in the development of the distant attunements that I channel. While some individuals will say that this is not possible, I have to disagree. Spirit Guides are with us to help us advance on our spiritual path and if you are a lightwkrker or spiritual teacher, this means that your advancement is being guided so that you can help others. Spirit Guides are here to help with this. Rakesh is a Celestial Master which is one of the reason I have channeled so many attunements that deal with Celestial based energies. This knowledge of him being a Celestial Guide came forth while I received my Attunements to the Lightarian Gateway Program. Rakesh along with many other Celestial Guides stepped forth to bless me with a higher state of conscious awareness which contributed to the creation of the Celestial LightBody Activation, Multi-Dimensional Matrix Activation and the Celestial Light Code Activations. All of these energies were developed through the assistance and channeling gifts that I have been given through my Spirit Guide. To stop this connection or to ignore this connection would not only stop me dead in my tracks as a Spiritual Teacher but it would also cause Spiritual Blindness resulting in me not being able to help others on their spiritual and life's path. You see, Rakesh guides me in all that I do and all that I say. This is not something that I create with my own conscious mind, it is through my gifts as an Empath and Sensitive that I am able to convey the messages that he gives to me. 

We all walk our own spiritual paths and if this information does not resonate with you then that is ok. It is something that I believe and it has guided me well on my spiritual path in life. It has helped me to help others and for that reason, I will continue to do what I have always done.